Well, I have spent a good few minutes crying this morning.

Happy tears.  :)

May the Lord have all the glory that I’m able to invite you to my next theatre production.

A few years ago, I never would have thought this was possible.  Take a quiet moment to identify a fear you’re clenching on to…. and then read and be encouraged at what the Lord, in his power and patience,  can do.

{If you’re interested in skipping ahead to the details of buying tickets for my next show, please scroll down to find everything you need.}

* * *

My story….

Acting for me has been a very God-centered journey.  The very short story:  I went to a small high school where I was the star of the acting department.  I went to college and wasn’t!!  I got discouraged and felt like a disadvantaged underdog who was not as experienced or trained as everyone else.  In college I gave up on my dream of majoring in theatre, made theatre my minor, and majored in sociology.

During my first year of marriage to Ben, he’d ask me every so often, “Why aren’t you doing any auditioning?” to which I would answer with something ridiculous trying to cover up the fact that I was afraid of not being good enough.  The Lord, however, did not give up on me.  I have this deeply rooted connection to the performing arts that God is seemingly not letting me abandon.  I’ve come to recognize that fear of failure was spurring me to do nothing with my love for the performing arts–a love that I have known for a long time is something that God gave me.  I’ve tried to walk away from it but He keeps nudging me back towards art.

God has been so faithful and patient with me!  My insecurities have led me to the cross where I’ve had to stare into the face of Jesus and decide:  do I believe that I am loved, accepted, and enough because Jesus the Christ says so, or do I reject this acceptance–this position I’ve been adopted into?

I accept!

Truly living into this identity is a freeing and wild ride.  With a lot of encouragement from Ben (who has a great way of nudging me back to what God says, reminding me who I really am) I have stepped into Chicago theatre auditions with a sense of trust and dare I say fearlessness.  If I don’t get a part–that’s ok, that’s part of pursuing theatre.  The biggest obstacle was believing that the Lord would somehow, in some way, bless my efforts to trust that I was made for a purpose and that theatre is part of the purpose.   I began seriously auditioning about 8 months ago and have been cast in three shows to date!  This is more than I hoped for or imagined.

Yes, I’m crying right now.

Ok, now I’m balling.  :)

* * *

My current show….

I’m currently in a new play called 13 to 30 that has evolved from a concept created by Second-City trained actor David Wrigley.  After David cast a small ensemble for this play, we worked as a team to polish and add to his research and work.  The play parallels the life of a modern day boy (from age 13 to 30) with the life of Jesus from those same ages.  It’s an authentic journey, and the play has opened my eyes up to a world of new questions and ideas.

I really love the content and I’m eager to share this invite with you because I think you’ll enjoy it, too.

There is a little adult language and a few sexual references, so it’s definitely not something you want to bring your children to.  I think you’ll find these brief moments of adult material very much in line with the honest spirit of the play, and I would call the spirit one of exploration.  A young boy is earnestly wanting to know what it means for him in his young life to do what Jesus would do.  Not in a theoretical, haughty-taughty way, but in a real, practical, honest way.

The play is being performed at Gorilla Tango Theatre and for some reason, a lot of burlesque shows rent this space.  You won’t see anything like that in 13 to 30, but  I think it’s awesome that as a group of professional Christian performers (which is quite a rare thing!), we’re bringing the light of Christ into a dark place.

Oh yeah, and the show is funny!

Tickets are $15, and 10% of proceeds are going to Charity Water which works to bring clean drinking water to all corners of the world.So is 13 to 30 not a perfect date night?

A one-hour Thursday night getaway, you’re supporting local professional Christian artists, supporting a charity, laughing a lot, gaining a new perspective, perhaps grabbing a bite to eat afterwards and chatting about the ideas in the show, supporting Stacy Ashworth…….I’m so seeing you there.

For more information about the show please visit

Only 5 Performances! {Buy your tickets here!}

Performances are:

Thursday 11/8/2012 7:30pm

Thursday 11/15/2012 7:30pm

Thursday 11/29/2012 7:30pm

Thursday 12/6/2012 7:30pm

Thursday 12/13/2012 7:30pm

Thank you for your support and love!  I hope to see you at the theatre.  For new readers, I also welcome you to subscribe to FoolishForLight.com–it’s an easy way to keep up with me and drink in a little weekly encouragement.


9 Responses to * * *you’re invited!* * *

  • james says:

    bringing a friend..i’ll see you there for tonight’s performance….

  • Christina says:

    I wish it was possible for me to be down in your neck of the woods on a Thursday night.
    I have read this blog post a couple of times now. Grace and Christian both want to be dancers. Grace is so passionate about it and so driven that it must be from the Lord. She wants so much to pursue dancing as her career but at the age of 12 how does she know what she wants to do for the rest of her life? We pray about it and talk about it daily. She is already dancing 6 nights per week at her dance studio and comes home and dances in our basement even more. Thanks for sharing how God is using you in the theater and how you are following this love of acting that must come from Him. As parents we wonder how our kids will support themselves as professional dancers but I think we just need to trust that God has a purpose for their passion. Thanks for sharing yourself through this blog.

  • Ashley says:

    Can’t wait to see a video of it! Wish I could be there!! Love ya and I’m so proud of you for following the dream god has given you

  • Jenny says:

    See you on 11/15!!!!!! Absolutely looking forward to it :).

  • Christina says:

    Stacy, I’m really excited about seeing you in a play! I already bought tickets for the 11/15 show and either Joyce or Kenny’s joining me. I’d love to grab a bite after if you’re free!

  • Congratulations! What an encouraging and inspiring story! Wish I could come but it’s too far away :(. I used to be into dance and theatre as well, but not to the point where I felt it was my calling. I’m currently working towards my calling which is professional organizing and interior design. Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, and break a leg!!!

    • Stacy says:

      Thanks, Kaui! Video footage of the performance will be available at some point, so maybe you’ll be able to see it one day after all!

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