I’m in a good mood and thought I’d just ask:  wanna catch up?

My natural tendency is to write lots and lots of words;  sometimes after I’ve published a new post I’ll re-read it and think, “Probably could have said that more simply.”  No need to tell me if you’ve thought the same.  haha!

I’m pretty sure when my college writing professor said to “show, not tell” she was not suggesting to put down the pencil and take up photography, but please, pull up a chair–I want to show you what life has looked like around here in pictures.  Just for fun, just cuz we’re pals.


In October 2010, I snagged a hubby and a new hobby:  bragging about him.  Here we are after he placed fourth overall (and first in his age group) in a 5K run!

The medal around his neck was handmade in the pottery barn on the farm where the race was held.

My artsy self was in love with that.

On an unrelated note, do you have a nickname for anyone but truly no idea where the name came from?  I call my sister Bess–which is short for Bessie–but why did either come to be associated with a girl named Ashley?  The world may never know.

You will notice in the picture below these are all missed calls from Bess–I do not generally ignore her, but I laughed when I saw this.  I guess we talk a lot.

Oh, I want to show you the kids I nanny for because they have changed my life.  Prepare yourself:  their pure and utter cuteness might change yours, too.

Have you done any spring-time crafting?  My two projects have both involved food.  :)

One:  chocolate covered pretzel rods with sugary butterflies I bought on clearance after Easter last year.

Two:  rice krispies!  My tummy doesn’t like gluten and rice krispy treats are an easy gluten free snack.  I bought the cereal, butter, and marshmallows from Aldi which totaled a whopping $3.  Not to mention no baking!

Speaking of food, my insanely creative and completely lovely mother suggested we steam lobsters for Easter.  Traditional?  Not all.  Fun?  Oh baby.

Our research said to pick lobsters from the tank that seemed mad.

You leave the lobsters in your fridge until it’s their time to shine, but I had to take a closer peek first.  Better keep them in a bag or they might decide to snack on your refrigerated goodies.

Boil water, add Old Bay spice, insert snapping creature for 7 – 10 minutes.

I guess there were a few other steps in there like cutting the rubber bands off their pinchers, melting butter, and google searching how on earth to eat a whole lobster….but you get the idea.

{Please note the meat tenderizer in Ben’s hand and that my mom is using office scissors.  Yes, we were very prepared.}

In other news, my dad checked “taking a jumping photo” off his bucket list….

And–the Detroit Tigers won!

….wish I could tell you more about the game, but that’s all I know.  :)

And a perfectly lovely fireplace photo session….

….turned perfectly silly in due time as we explored just how ridiculous a person can look laughing.  I wish you could hear the laughs coming from our mouths as this photo was captured.

Oh hey, have you entered the current Foolish for Light giveaway yet?  I’m getting excited about sending someone the loot at the end of April.

Speaking of free–you might be interested in my sister-in-law’s blog giveaway at Space for Living.  I think you’ll be inspired by her knack for organizing and heart for “making room for the things that matter most.”  I have learned a lot from her wisdom and thoroughly enjoy her blog.

Well this has been a delightful little chat.  Thanks for joining me!  Let’s do it again sometime.

But for now, back to our ghetto, fly lives…

Or maybe not.  :)

♥  stacy



6 Responses to you and me: catching up

  • Kayla-Bug says:

    I adore you, Stace-Face! And your dad is hilarious :)

  • Ashley says:

    I second what autumn said….I could comment on everything! I love the pic of my missed called : ). Makes me smile that we talk so much. But my favorite is the one of your legs/feet. This post makes me miss ya too much, so I am going to call you. Answer this time, will ya? :P

    • Stacy says:

      Haha! So glad you loved the post. :) Did I answer when you called? I don’t think I did the first time. Good thing you’re persistent.

  • Autumn says:

    First of all, I am so happy to see the infamous lobster fest documented in pictures! How fun. I could probably comment on every picture like how adorable those kiddos are and I’m strangely drawn to the pic of your feet…but I’ll spare you and just say thanks for the kind words the giveaway shout out (inspired by your fun little giveaways).

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