My issue is not that I am an extravagant spender.

My issue is this:  it’s only been recently I’ve learned the value of setting a very specific financial goal and purposefully living in a way where the goal can be reached.

I’ve spent my adult years satisfied with a sketchy, undefined notion of being thrifty without any financial accountability or goal, and frankly, I’ve loved it!  By occasionally saying no to Starbucks or putting just one of the two shirts I like in the shopping cart, I have successfully maintained a sense of saving money….even though I’ve never had a clue what I was saving for.

I have an amazing free download for you today, but quickly I want to share with you why I’m so excited about passing along free offers and great deals with you and why I think thoughts on thrifty living belong on a site where we’re challenging the way things have to be done.

I know, I know, everybody loves a great deal….but have you ever really thought about why?  Yes, we all like to save money, but why?  What are we saving for?  And are we actually, intentionally plugging away at saving for that specific thing or is it just a vague idea we’re entertaining on our best days?

I pray you have a clear, obtainable dream–a real thing you are purposefully saving for–because I have missed the boat on this for quite some time!  I have always loved the feeling of being thrifty and wise with my resources, but when my husband and I started making clear financial goals {like paying off a certain debt, putting a certain amount down on a house…} I started to see tangible, exciting results which put my lonely good intentions to shame.

  • We are less excited to buy things we don’t actually need.  {Instead of a vague notion of being thrifty people, we see the direct correlation:  if I don’t buy this latte, we are $5 closer to making a down payment on a house.}
  • We are even more excited than we used to be when we find simple, fun, free or almost free things to do, give, and buy.  {Because we’re not buying the latte, we better appreciate the good things and good times that don’t have to cost a lot of money.  And there are plenty.}

Thriftiness can be friends with abundant life.

Thanks for letting me share my perspective!  On with the freeness!


What it is:

A free album download that blew my socks off.

Who’s the artist?

Jenny and Tyler, a married couple whose voices were clearly meant to sing together.

I think of them as Jack Johnson/Mat Kearney meets Norah Jones/Sara Groves plus two big handfuls of passion and spectacular harmonies.  Their music manages to be downright powerful in the most humble and earnest way possible.

How do I get it?

When you check out the group’s website by clicking here, you’ll immediately enjoy their music playing as you browse around.  By signing up for their email list, you’ll receive access to the free download.  I can testify they will not sabotage your inbox with things you don’t really want.

Need more convincing?

The fact that my husband really likes them says a lot as he is much more picky in his musical tastes. :)

I will admit–there is a lot of so-so Christian music out there.  I try to steer away from bands that produce songs that sound like attempts at pop radio hits and stay in the arena of honest, often times acoustic, music with realness and authenticity you can almost taste.  Jenny and Tyler deliver!

Be sure to check out One-Eyed Cat, a hilarious relationship song about all the little things we sacrifice in marriage.  My personal favorite is Song for You, a powerful one that reminds me God has already done for us everything we needed on the cross and He is passionately calling people to claim what he has offered there.  Throughout the album and especially seen in the song Faint Not, I appreciate the absence of cliches on issues that can be so easy to cliche over.

Jenny and Tyler, if you’re reading this, I love you.  And blog readers, if you’re reading this, I think you’re going to love them, too!  

{Visit their website to snag the download}


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