Caution:  silly pictures ensue.

When this little blog was just an idea, jumbling around inside my little head,  I prayed for it.

I prayed offensively. 

Well, maybe it didn’t look quite like this.  :)

But, I did have to battle my own pride with striking blows to get myself out of the way so my one true desire for this site would be to glorify God.  Hate to say it, but many days I wouldn’t mind much if everything revolved around me.  However, in my deepest heart, I don’t want a life or a blog focused on me.  What I want is to love and explore and converse with you about the wonders of following the person and teachings of Christ in a difficult world where God is still good.


When I prayed for this blog, I prayed defensively.


I had to create armor to stave off mean voices –have you heard them, too?  They say things like, “There are a million businesses/crafts/beliefs/people/ideas/blogs out there like yours.  Do you really think the world needs one more?”  As I moved forward with starting a blog, God’s Word became a shield to those monsterly voices that can sound so sweet and logical.  What the Lord says about us has the power to deflect even the worst of lies with pure Truth.


“For you have created my inmost being; you have knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;  your works are wonderful.”  {Psalm 139:13-14a}


When I prayed for this blog, I trusted and expected God to move and work–not because I am particularly clever or have anything extremely new to say–but because I believe God desires that  people know him and He can use just about anything to help kindle a relationship with the daughters and sons He loves.  I believe He wants the best for us, and because He is best for us, He’s always drawing us towards Him.

When I prayed for this blog, I did not know I was praying for Doug.*



I’m sitting in a coffee shop, at different tables but positioned face to face with Doug.  I’m trying to crack my neck and he asks if I’m alright.  I’m fine, just a little stiff.

“Oh yeah, I’m fine.  Why, do I look tired?” I said.

“Oh I just noticed your neck….”

“Just trying to crack it.”

“Oh ok.  Are you a student?”

“No.”  I smile.  “I’m a blogger!”

“Ok, I keep hearing people talk about blogging, but I have to admit…..I have no idea what that is.  What is a blog?  How is it different from a website?”

Not terribly exciting dialogue, I’ll admit, but this was the launch of a very long, rich conversation with Doug.  His questions about blogging led me to swivel my laptop around and invite him to my table.

I showed him a few pages of the site, and he eventually asked “Foolish for Light–why did you name it that?”

I gave him the shortened answer to the explanation you’ll find {over here}.

“Huh,” he said.  “Can I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

Uh oh.  Doug had so many questions, I don’t actually remember what the first one was.  The point is–he had a lot of them, and they were very, very good.  These questions were coming from a man who is intelligent.  He wasn’t set out to disprove, condemn, or belittle me–he just wants something True that can stand up to questioning.  He’s sick of knowing a lot of “religious people, carrying their crosses on their backs, so sure they are going to heaven and don’t actually know anything in the Bible.”  He is sick of being told, “just don’t ask questions.”

Doug and I chatted 20 minutes on blogging and 40 on the Bible.  Just as he dismissed himself to use the bathroom, my husband Ben called me to say he was en route to the coffee shop.  “Great!”  I said.  “As you walk, say a prayer because I’ve been chatting with someone about the Bible.”

The conversation only got better with Ben there because Ben is–well–amazing.  Ben offered to give Doug a copy of C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, which details how logical thought and reasoning led Lewis to abandon atheism and come to believe in the divinity of Christ.

After 40 minutes, Ben eventually had to leave, but Doug and I continued to chat until the shop closed at 11:00 pm.  As we packed up our computers, the barrista introduced himself with a smile and said he and some other employees meet for Bible studies regularly.  Perhaps the barrista was saying a little prayer over our conversation?  It was a special evening in Caribou Coffee.

You know, when I prayed for this blog, I imagined I was just praying for the Lord to give me words to write, and that He would work in the hearts of the people who read.  {Thank you Lord, for giving me words!  Thank you friend, for reading!}

  • I did not know I was praying for a man with a lifetime of bottled up questions on faith.
  • I did not know I would be able to start a conversation with him because I know a thing or two about blogging.
  • I didn’t know a door would be opened because I gave this site a funky name.
  • I didn’t know God would be so faithful in sending Ben through the doors of Caribou when I needed a little back-up support.
  • I didn’t know I could talk about the Bible from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm after working all day and accidentally not eating dinner…. and survive!  :)

Have you been waiting for the emotional, tear-jerker ending to this story?  It doesn’t have one.  This is a “to be continued” because we’re meeting up with Doug again sometime this week–per his request.

It’s not an amazing story as much as it is an amazing story.  I am not an experienced evangelist, but I do have a real faith, knowledge, and relationship with Christ and I just happened to bump into someone looking for something authentic to pierce his world of “church people” who don’t seem to be Christ people.  I’m so encouraged that while this man knows so many quack religious goofs, he hasn’t given up in his search for God.  Even though these goofs are making him feel lousy for asking questions, I’m so encouraged he’s still asking!  Oh he’s skeptical, sure, but skepticism is a much better place than apathy.  How many other seekers are out there, waiting to bump into someone who knows the God of the Bible?

When I prayed for this blog, clearly I did not know all that I was praying for.  For those of us who have faith (which does not require sight) we do not need to constantly see that God is arranging things, guiding us, and orchestrating–but thank you Lord, that every once in awhile you give us a glimpse of clarity that our lives and work are not fruitless.

It can sound foolish, I know, to trust a God we can’t see, a God who often seems quiet, but time and time again it becomes apparent that even in His silence and mystery, He conjures up something way beyond what we would have imagined.  His ways are more complex than ours, yet there’s something strikingly simple about this whole story, isn’t there?

A cup of coffee.
Let’s talk about blogging.
Being asked to share what I have experienced to be true.

Maybe you are the answer to someone’s prayer who has questions or struggles with doubt.  Maybe the person sitting next to you is part of the answer to your prayer to be used as an instrument of God.  Apparently, He’s still in the business of using the willing, despite their lack of qualifications (and trust me, I’m not qualified).

The more I pray for this blog, the more I realize I have to talk.  Not about the blog–about Jesus.  People are looking for a light and I know Him.  Does it get more beautifully simple than that?

♥  stacy

*Doug’s name has been changed.


10 Responses to when I prayed for this blog

  • Margo says:

    Stacy, I really enjoyed this post, and I am grateful for the work you are doing on this blog. Keep it up, and keep being a light for those who know you and the people you meet. :)



    • Stacy says:

      Margo–thank you for leaving a comment. I’m excited to hear you’ve found and are enjoying the blog. I hope you are doing well, friend!

  • Christina Whan says:

    Very cool. I love when we get to see so clearly that God has us doing something or sitting somewhere for His purpose. I love when He puts “Dougs” in our lives when we aren’t even looking for them. And then He brings in Ben Ben for backup! How awesome is that? Can’t wait to hear more about this Doug.

  • Peter says:

    Thanks for sharing your story with me on this blog and with us on Sunday! Your God story reminds me of how God has prepared you and Ben from the beginning of time, for this very moment, for an eternal purpose. As I read your post, something in my soul stirred to a verge of birthing a tear in my eye, but I had to refrain. I look forward to reading your post and the journey to come…

  • Elise says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful experience. I think it is scary, sometimes to open up and share with people what we hold most precious. When, we put those fears aside, however, God will use us as instruments in His hands.
    I love that you started this blog, and even more so that you started it with prayer. You will touch people’s hearts. It seems you already have.

    • Stacy says:

      Thank you for your sweet words, Elise. Isn’t it freeing to know that as we yield to become His instrument, we trust that He is the one doing the work in people’s lives–not us?

  • Kathy Thomas says:

    I am reminded and encouraged by the “power of one.” I know in my heart it’s true, but it’s not always visible…the simple, beautiful power of one. The power of one daughter, one blog, one conversation. The power of one question, one answer, one God! Let us all be reminded to onleash our power!

  • Jessica says:

    I absolutely loved reading about your conversation about Doug. It’s so incredibly encouraging but also frightening at the same time…I mean, would I have been able to answer his questions (or anyone else for that matter) with ease? Would my words faulter? Would I be just another one of those people that “don’t actually know anything from the Bible”? I pray that I wouldn’t. Like I said, encouraged by your post!

    • Stacy says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Jessica. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I completely understand what you mean by frightening. It’s kind of scary to think someone’s thoughts on God are going to be shaped by the things we say….or don’t say….and what if we just have one shot at it with this person and we’ll never see them again?! Ah!

      I’m constantly trying to remind myself that thinking this way is extremely self-focused, and the whole idea here is to get over ourselves and take part in what God is accomplishing and stirring up within the unbeliever. I need to be reminded all the time that sharing Jesus is not about me doing anything right–and it’s not my responsibility to bring personal change for this person. We’re just vessels for God, in His mighty power, to work.

      I didn’t want the post to get too long, but maybe I should have added that Doug had at least one question I didn’t have an answer to. Yet–it was fine. He didn’t seem too fazed by it. Believers are human, after all, and I’m reminded that Jesus condoning “faith like a child” means we aren’t expected to have it all figured out in order to completely believe Him. :)

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