There’s the pattering of little feet after we ring our friends’ doorbell;  we’re saying “hi” loudly so the family’s two elementary-aged boys can hear us through the door, and, I’m sure like all good brothers would, there is a short-lived fight over who gets to open the door for us.

The boys are happy to see me and my husband, but the big delight for them comes from saying hi to our little five month old baby who is tucked under an owl hat.


The boys kind of think she’s the cat’s pajamas and I kind of love it.

At one point during our lovely dinner visit, I had to remove some bird beanie babies from Daphne’s lap so I could pick her up.  The boys’ mom said, “Oh, those are the boys’ favorite toys!”  And because I’m a first time and forever emotional mom, my heart swelled.  Aww….they wanted to share their best toys with my pumpkin.

Then there was the real highlight of the evening when the six year old boy reveals a handwritten list he wants to show us.  “These are the babies I pray for” he says.  There are 12 babies on the list and the dad goes on to explain that his boys just love babies–the idea for the prayer list was completely their own.


I glanced at the paper–my little honey bunch is right at the top.  :)

And that’s it.  I mean, that’s pretty much all there is to the story.  These two energetic, adorable little boys who love all things Star Wars, video games, and karate, want to pray for and share their favorite beanie babies with my helpless, not-able-to-play-back, little girl.

And it just makes me think….

if there is perhaps no better, more direct way for someone to speak love to me than to be good and loving towards my daughter….

then how must God feel when we are good to each other?  After all, we share this planet with His children.  Light bulb on, I tell ya!


When considering the “love your neighbor as yourself” Biblical passage, I’ve always taken away that I should love others extravagantly.  Now I’m kinda like…. huh….let’s think about the person receiving the kindness I choose to extend.  It must bring God deep joy when He sees one of His sons or daughters receive good things because he is this person’s father!  Of course His heart is moved to see His child well cared for; he is crazy about this person and did everything on Calvary to win the heart of this person!  He is a Dad!

My neighbor, to me, is my neighbor;  to God, “my neighbor” is His baby.  His child.  Offspring thoughtfully knit in a womb and masterfully designed and loved.

Whether the child is 6 months new, 12 years old, or the stinky old gent at the grocery store, I wanna love every child I see today.  And–I think I’m going to pray for some babies.

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