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I have decided to unveil my one bedroom apartment home to you during the month of September–not because my home is so trendy and neat that it should be featured in magazines–but that’s kind of the point.

It’s a work in progress and heck, aren’t we all?

Click below to play catch up if you need to:

.:.:.:.  .:.:.:.

When it comes to our homes, there is always something more we could touch up, straighten up, fix up, sew up, or whatever-up, and I have to admit that I do sometimes struggle with perfectionism.

While I’m confessing, I’ll also throw this out there for kicks: for some reason I also get into patterns of thinking that if I am not the best at something, I just shouldn’t do it.  (For instance, I lived in Chicago for a year and a half with the dream of acting and never auditioned for a thing because  I couldn’t stand to think of myself failing.  It seems so….dumb….in retrospect.)

The problem is, if we resolve to only share the parts of our lives that feel polished, or the rooms of our house that feel photo worthy, or the weaknesses that seem not too bad–we’re not really sharing ourselves.  It’s like when Ben and I got married, he told me that if we hold back secrets from each other, we’ll always wonder, “I know he loves me now, but what if he knew this one thing I’d done?  Would he love me then?”  And so he and I have committed to share.  Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful, sweet, sweet thing.

Sooooo….. maybe I’m getting a little too deep with this home tour thing, but I have this weird condition where I see metaphors in almost anything so please, bear with me and my medical issues.  ;)

It’s been…well….freeing to share my place with you and I have truly appreciated the warm response.  Don’t worry, the last leg of the home tour is on it’s way in just a couple days.

But….from the beginning I’ve hoped this conversation might turn two way.  That is, I wonder if you might share part of your home with me and fellow Foolish for Light readers.

.:. I hereby announce the .:.

{you could win a $40 giftcard!}


I’d LOVE to see a picture of your favorite place or space in YOUR home!

It could be a desk you’ve refurbished.  The view from your backyard.  A whole room that you love.  A quiet reading nook.  A link to a home tour on your blog.  It could be ANYTHING.  It just has to be a place or space in your home or yard that you love–and my challenge is just to share it for what it is–even if it’s not perfect.

  • To enter, you may email your photo or a blog post link to
  • A randomly selected participant will be announced the fourth week of October and will receive a $40 giftcard to the home improvement or craft store of your choice!
  • Please make your submission by Wednesday, October 17th with the understanding that your photo and/or link will most likely be shared on  If you don’t want your photo shared on a future Foolish for Light post, please do not enter.  Won’t you feel so famous to have your name in lights online?!  (Only your first name will be published.)
  • All past giveaway winners, my family, friends, strangers, enemies, acquaintances, and everyone else are welcome to enter.  I will be using to generate the lucky duck winner.

I can’t wait to see your pictures.  Thanks for reading.  And sharing.

♥  stacy


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