{1} Minute Snippets are helpful ideas that take 1 minute to read and 1 minute to implement.

Ogres have layers.

Onions have layers.

I have a special place in my heart for ogres, and a special place in my fridge for onions.

Today’s one minute snippet is a money-saving idea for storing the unused portion of commonly eaten veggies.

Because we only cook for two, at our home there is usually a partially cut onion vacationing in the fridge.  {My husband and I kind of swear by the power of the onion to season even the lamest of meals and make them taste restaurant-fancy.}  I recently enacted “the onion bag” policy in which a Ziploc bag (except not, because it’s off brand) bag is labeled “onion.”

The bag hangs out in the fridge, even if the bag is empty for a few days, so we don’t grab for a brand new Ziploc the next time life tosses us another partially used onion.  Physically writing “onion” (or whatever vegetable you commonly have leftovers of) can keep you from asking yourself and members of your household, “Wait–what has this bag been used for?”

I sometimes enforce this policy with my husband’s packed lunches;  can you think of any reason Wednesday’s Cheeze-It bag needs to be different than Monday’s?

Ahhh…..the convenience of a storage bag without the guilt of blowing through a ton of them.  {And no stinky onion smell in your reusable plastic containers!}

I’m frequently suprised how much we spend in “house supplies” each month.  Care to share your tricks for not using and tossing storage bags like there’s no tomorrow?  Please leave a comment!

>>> ….and in the morning, I’m making waffles! <<<

(If you’re catching my movie references here, please comment on that, too.)

(Otherwise I’m going to look a fool for mentioning waffles and onions in the same post, yeah?)


(foolish is kind of the idea of this site.)



10 Responses to {1} Minute Snippet: saving the world and budget, one Ziploc at a time!

  • Kay says:

    I came from the generation of save, reuse, do not waste! Do not waste water, electric power, food, etc. I wrap my onion in plastic wrap, then store in the ziplock, no leaking smells! No leaking juices! I have also learned, when washing and storing celery and other veggies, for future use, I wrap in paper towel, then put in the ziplock storage bag, in the ref. They used to say store in water, but that leaches out all of the food values, into the water. Because I often have large groups of guest in my house, I have to do as much of the preparation, ahead of time, as I possible can.

    Now we have gone to juicing. Many people start, but they do not stay with it because the rules of cleaning, juicing,storage, are NOW!! I believe doing it is more important than being so ridged in the rules. I use 2 qt. GLAD boxes, wash and prep my veggies and or fruit, ahead by a few hours, like in the evening or during the day, before I intend to juice. Because they are air tight, I feel, I accomplish the objective of juicing, for our health, even tho I am bending the no exposure to air rule, just a bit!! I also read, using a glass, canning type, air tight jar, allows you to store juice you intend to use within a day.. I’m all about making my life healthy, but more simple. Kay

  • Monique says:

    Good plan. ;D

  • Autumn says:

    I am loving the labels. It is one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that? Brilliant.” My only bag tip is to reuse any and all bags that come into our home, bread bags, veggie bags from the grocery, etc., in place of ziploc. Old bread bags are perfect for pb&js at the park.

  • Ashley says:

    Great idea! And who says Monday’s cheeze-it bag can’t be Tuesday’s (insert other kind of cracker)’s bag? Right? I mean, a cracker is a cracker is a cracker. :)

  • Kalysta says:

    Shrek! :) That’s such a great idea, I feel like that happens so much at our house, and I HATE throwing them away! P.S. I love reading your blog – it’s just fantastic!

  • Grams says:

    You are so good!! Storage bags can also be useful for making the yolk mixture for deviled eggs…then
    cut the bag corner to squeeze out into the egg white part.

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