My grandmother is the reining queen of all things baked and delicious.  This tip comes from her wealth of knowledge–thanks, Grandma!

To preserve the softness and freshness of either homemade or store-bought cookies, simply toss a piece of bread into the cookie jar, baggie, or storage container where you’re keeping the yummies.  Even cookies (or other baked goods) that have already started to get a little stale will benefit from the moisture of the bread.

I realize this concept is very difficult to understand, so I invited my sister to demonstrate how this exactly works:

First you acquire your bread slice.

hold the bread

Then you drop it into your container of cookies.

drop the bread

Then you just double check that the bread made it.

where's the bread?

I know it seems tough, but you can do it!  ;)

how to keep cookies soft

The trick really does work like a charm.  Your cookies will thank you for giving them a long, soft life.

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