We must have faith like a small child to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Did you know a tiny little ant can lift or carry 10 to 50 times it’s own body weight?

Even something as small as giving a single cup of water to a believer is seen and rewarded by God.  {Mark 9:41}

Just a one minute encounter with a friendly cashier has the potential to make my day.  Does it yours?

My conclusion and personal opinion and fact and belief (take your pick) is this:

I want to encourage you with a simple truth and reminder today.  We live in a world that glorifies big accomplishments and owning impressive things.  I know you know this, but sometimes we just have to hear it again.  Without a little time of reflection to step back and call the lie like it is, a subtle yet potent message creeps inside and makes us uncomfortable with what feels like the smallness, or the insignificance of what we’ve done so far and what we have so far.

But for those who know Christ, we are granted freedom from the chains of comparing ourselves to all the big stuff other people seem to have.  We wake up each morning in a world where the liars often get ahead, superficial people get all the opportunities, and the lazy prosper.  We forget that the world we wake up in is not the reality we’ll live in for eternity.  In the end we will see the lowest in rank served first.  The back of the line will get a pass to the front.  The people who stooped low to serve on Earth will be lifted high under heaven’s eternal rule.

Small things don’t make the news.  Heck, small things don’t even get “liked” on Facebook.  We want big results from our efforts.  We demand interesting.  We’re being trained to believe we deserve the good stuff in life, and not just that, but we deserve to have it fast.

Just a reminder:  we don’t have to play by these rules.  We can choose to love the small.  Treasure the things you could never buy.  Make time to be quiet before God and get absolutely nothing accomplished and just….listen…. even though there’s always the choice to open a laptop or click the remote on.

My husband and I are coming up on one and a half years.  {Woot!}  I feel like Ben and I kind of re-teach each other the value of the small.  We are not living on a honeymoon high or even trying to, although this picture does nothing to support this statement.  We’re living as forgiven sinners trying to serve God and each other with small, thoughtful actions because really–what more can we do?  (So the picture is supposed to be a thoughtful action–I’m glad we got that settled.)  God set up this world for humans to experience life in small moments, minute by minute, not from one epic huge event to the next epic huge event.  Every day isn’t a wedding day.  Not even a birthday.  Let’s be honest, a lot of days aren’t that particularly special–but are there treasures in each day to be cherished and encouraged by?  For God to speak through and teach us a little something-something?

For the person with eyes wide open, yes–I’d say there are.


Mustard seed.



Birds singing.

Baby sleeping.
Favorite novel.

Outfit that makes me dance.

His smile.

My camera.

Pretty paper.

The way my favorite pencil writes.
Ice cream.

Nail polish.


Chocolate covered…..anything.


Lord, I trust that as I surrender my days on earth to you, you are working in the small choices I make.  I believe the day to day matters because you’ve created us to live in a day to day way.  I’m so sorry I don’t make time to praise you for the crazy amount of small but meaningful joys you’ve graced my life with.  You’re so good, and I’m so unworthy, and I’m so in love with you.  I’m going to keep my eyes wide open.  Amen.

Wedding day photo credit:  AO Photographers


9 Responses to little things, big things

  • Erin says:

    Stacy, I love reading your blog and this post especially hit home as I caught up reading tonight! I am so glad that God allowed us to live together in college so that He could continue to show Himself through you to me now!!! Love all the thoughts and laughs that you bring through this! – Erin

  • Ashley says:

    I could read this a million times through and get something new each time. Love ya!

    • Stacy says:

      I love you, too, Ash! Thanks for being such a devoted commenter. I can’t imagine my life {or blog….although I first typed blob} without you. :)

  • Priscilla, Kelsey's mom says:

    I am not biased on baby giggles.

  • Priscilla, Kelsey's mom says:

    Oh, and don’t forget a baby’s giggle on your little list. ; )

  • Priscilla, Kelsey's mom says:

    Once again, your wisdom astounds me. Thanks for the reminder…just a little thing…

    And for being used of God to love me and confirm the work He is doing in this season. Your words revealed the many little ways He is healing me and the little choices I have been making to let Him do just that, show me His BIG love. And He is quite persistent! Or maybe I am just a little more open.

    You ROCK!

  • Catherine says:

    So wonderfully said, friend. Thank you for this reminder. The small things are so sweet, and there is much to be thankful for! Love you & your heart!

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