I am a dangerous person to take garage saleing because I find inspiration in so many things.  Too many things.  Way too many things.
I am a dangerous person to take to Hobby Lobby for the same reason.
Heck—Jewel-Osco.  For the same reason.

I live in a perpetual state of seeing things I want to use to make others things.

For example:  I have not been able to throw away the paint stirrers I used to mix the paint cans we used to paint our apartment.  They inspire me and have been hanging out on my craft shelf for a good year and a half.

So guess what, ya’ll?  I made something with ’em.

And I really love it.  And I’d really love to share it with you.  Don’t scroll down to the pictures yet–you’ve gotta wait for the big reveal.

I love this creation because my apartment door was white and boring and just like everyone else’s until I whipped up this beauty.  I love it because I wanted something like a wreath, but it’s summer, so I didn’t really want a wreath.

I wanted something artsy.

But not freaky.


Not too weird.

Happy.  Playful.  In colors I love.



Maybe you will want to make one, too.

Or maybe you will want to stalk me because now you know I live in Apt #403 in some building somewhere near Chicago.


How to Make a Letter Hanger Wreath Bojangle (plus little tricks to make it super easy)

{Start with a 3D letter from Hobby Lobby or your local crafty store.  I believe I bought my “A” for $2.99.  Dip your letter in an old paint can.  It will need to drip for awhile as a LOT of paint will want to stick to the letter….but the effect is awesome.  It looks dipped, not just painted.  I rested a hammer on the bugger so the letter wouldn’t blow away in the Chicago wind.}

{Blow drying the paint helps the whole process go faster.  I found I needed to blow dry the letter so I could set it down to let it dry the rest of the way.  Can I just say…gray and yellow–YUM–you can’t go wrong.  Unless you don’t shake your paint cans.  Then you’re going to get gray and yellow globs.  Shake your paint cans!}

{I already had these painty paint stirrers, but of course it’d be easy to make your own if you’ve tossed the ones you actually used for a project.  I love that mine aren’t perfect.  Take a moment to gaze upon whatever inspires you and dream up how you want them to fit together.  I’m happy to say my legs are more tan now than when I took this picture.  FYI}

{Hot glue and twine makes for a nice little hook to hang your creation from.  Obviously, your less-pretty side is going to be the back.}

{Lay out the paint stirrers at the heights you want them to hang.  You’re going to use fishing line to secure them in a mobile kind of way, but first you’ve got to get a vision.}

{Cut your fishing line to the length you want and use a squirt of hot glue on the back of your letter to secure them in place.}

{A bit of felt can cover up the glue job if you like}

{Of course you need to tie the fishing line to the paint stirrers–right in that little groove}


Like a wreath.  But maybe better.

For a few bucks and maybe an hour of work….you’ve got yourself a pretty neat little bojangle.

I have no idea what bojangle actually means–please leave a comment if you can use it correctly in a sentence.


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