Lights….hm, there will be natural lighting!  That’s right, bring on the sunshine and the great outdoors.
Camera….er, the camera will be the one you bring!
Action…..oh yes, plenty of that.  A jumping toad, a bunny band, a mole digging holes, a stolen motor car….Wind in the Willow audiences are in for a treat!


It’s hard to believe the play I’ve been blessed to be cast in, Wind in the Willows, is opening in two weeks.  I honestly think it’s going to be a hoot, so I’m excited and honored to share all the details about seeing a show for those of you who are interested.

Everything you could want to know about seeing this dandy lil’ play except the things I missed and forgot to tell you:

* * * * * *

What is the theatre company called?

Theatre-Hikes.  Here’s their website.

Is this a normal play?

Not really.  :)  The company is called Theatre-Hikes for a reason.  Every performance will be outdoors!  The first scene of the play will open in one spot, and then a hike guide will take you to the next place in the park for the next scene.  The actors will run off ahead to get set up, and then the play continues in a new, beautiful corner of the great outdoors.

When can I see Wind in the Willows?

The show runs July 14 through the last weekend of August.  Typically shows are at 1:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, but here is the official schedule:

July 14 & 15The Pullman State Historic Site

July 21 & 22North Park Village Nature Center

July 28 @ 3pmThe City of Blue Island

August 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 25 & 26The Morton Arboretum

 *All shows are at 1:00 pm except for July 28th, which is at 3:00 pm in the City of Blue Island

Please note:  At the Morton Arboretum, your ticket price covers parking, plus admission to the arboretum for the day.  When you arrive, tell them you’re “with Theatre-Hikes” and they’ll direct you.

So there are options as to where I can see the show?

Yes–the show will be performed at a total of four different places.  A few are free!

And tickets?

Here is the breakdown of how to purchase or reserve your tickets:

City of Blue Island
Admission is free
For reservations and more information, contact Rita at 708-388-5735

North Park Village Nature Center
Admission is free
For reservations, call 312-744-5472 (between the hours of 10 & 4)

The Morton Arboretum
Admission is $13-$19 (This includes admission to the Arboretum and parking)
Discounts are available to Arboretum members
Call 630-725-2066 or go here.

Pullman State Historic Site
Admission is $15/Adults and $7.50/Children Under 12
Free parking
Tickets are available by calling Theatre-Hikes at 872-202-4963 and will also be available through Brown Paper Tickets and HotTix (not yet available).

Is this a children’s show?

It is!  But I have no doubt big kids will love it, too.  The script is funny, and I think our actors bring a LOT of charm and life to these super silly characters.

An outdoor play?  Hmm….what should I bring?

Bug spray.  Sunscreen.  Maybe a snack?  Water!  A picnic blanket, or perhaps some easy-to-carry outdoor chairs.

What will you be doing in the play?

Oh golly, thanks for asking.  You’ll see me dance, sing, portray a few different characters, and play the guitar.  In other words make a fool out of myself in hopefully a great way.  You’re gonna love it!

How’d you get cast?

Check out this post where I tell the whole silly story.

Anything else I should know?

I’ve been told that all the locations are neat and unique in their own cool way, but that Morton Arboretum is a really special place to see the show.  The director said, “That’s the place you want to bring your grandma to.”

Anything else I should know?

Please bring your camera!  I’d LOVE to post your pictures on the blog!  And don’t you dare leave without saying hello to me.  I’d especially love to take some pictures with you, your kids, and everyone doing their best bunny impression.

I’m planning to start a guest book here on {Foolish for Light} for those who see the play, so make sure to come back and say hello, share your favorite parts of the play, and ask questions about the production.

Thank you for reading!  Caring!  Supporting!  I’ll see you at the theatre!


7 Responses to lights! cameras! willow trees!

  • If you haven’t been to the Morton arboretum – be prepared to stay all day and take a map. I love their woodland trails!

  • Jenny says:

    Hehe…stubby, chubby thumbs posted to early :)!
    Planning on going to one of the Arboretum dates!!!
    Can’t wait to see you in ACTION :)!

  • Jenny says:

    Planning on going to the arb

  • Naomi says:

    How fun! I auditioned for Theatre-Hikes in Colorado (a 2-person version of The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe) and made it into the top 4. It would have been fun for sure (I LOVE the concept of Theatre-Hikes), but had I actually been cast I probably wouldn’t have gone to grad school. Wind in the Willows is a perfect show to do on a hike!! :) Have so much fun!!

    • Stacy says:

      Naomi, that is so awesome–thank you for sharing! It’s funny how in retrospect we can see why things didn’t pan out a certain way….with casting choices or otherwise. Again, thanks for your sweet words. It’s always great to hear from you, friend! :)

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