If your dream is to peek into people’s homes, welcome to your dream come true!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a photo for the Favorite Place or Space Contest!  I feel like I creepily peeked into one of your windows know each of you a wee bit better.  ;)  Thanks for celebrating with me!  Thank you Lord for these spaces we love and call home.

First we feature Gretchen who shares her favorite space in her home–this lovely buffet table she showered with TLC!  I am loving Gretchen’s green living tips, charming photography, and other shenanigans over at New Fashioned Mom. 

Next you get to pop in to Ashley‘s pad!  She may be freshly relocated to a new state in a new corner of the country, but her classy country-meets-modern decor style traveled the miles with her.  She credits the blog Shanty-2-Chic for the twine letter how-to.

Maida is my new friend (yee haw!) via Brotherly Love Theatre Company, and I know she’d approve of me taking this opportunity to invite you to our company’s current project, the play 13 to 30.  Please feel free to click the links to learn more!

And now to Maida’s comfy-cozy living room…  :)

Maida says her apartment now dawns a “boy couch” and “girl couch” after a couch was mysteriously left abandoned in her apartment lobby for what appeared to be long-term.  Gotta love free!

Did you notice those great maps on Maida’s wall?  You’ll also notice some stellar wall art maps when you explore Autumn‘s children’s bedroom.  It is well-worth your time to click your way on over to her full-bedroom tutorial via her blog Space for Living.  Autumn’s blog name says it all–her kids have a great space for living, playing, crafting, and being a kid.  I am always getting ideas from Space for Living!

Well I’ll be honest, I’m drooling over Mayling‘s Craigslist-find writing desk pictured below.  She thanks her husband for getting it in working condition and says, “It is soooooo nice to have a space where there are no toys, school fliers, kid books, and bills.  It is where I journal about the day with the kids, prayer requests, and thoughts during my quiet time.”   Amazing.  (Like how I edited her writing desk with writing over top of the picture?  I admit to having way too much fun with this post, people.)

I love

this next


Matt shares with us a backstage pass to his favorite spot in his home–what could possibly on earth be cooler than….wait for it….a drum building studio?  He gives a really neat tour on his blog matt vs. the real world, both of which are worth clicking over to.  Thank you, Matt.  I feel so much cooler having seen this.

Next we’ll take a peek at Kaui‘s favorite place:  a kitchen DIY project that increased her kitchen counter space and made for a more organized place to feed her family.  So clever!  I’m a fan.  Click the image below to see how she made it or explore her blog Thrifty Military Mommy. 

I would love to one day steal this next idea from Kate.  I adore the nook created by the placement of her bookshelves!  She calls it her corner of coziness, which sounds absolutely right.  Kate radiates positive energy on her blog Kate Moving Forward and guess what?

Kate was randomly selected to >>>win win win<<< the $40 giftcard for this giveaway.  CoNgRats!

Next up is Kayla‘s favorite space, a painting done by our mutual and extremely talented friend Sarah Mathos.  The painting brings joy and elicits awwws while hanging on the wall of Kayla’s guest bathroom.  Doesn’t it make your heart all fuzzy?

And who can resist a charming nursery?  Angel‘s is filled with meaning, too.  The picture above the crib is a pastel drawing she made when she was 13 and  loved unicorns.  After having it framed in her 20’s she realized she wasn’t quite so enamored with unicorns and didn’t have a good place to hang it until being blessed with a sweet baby girl.   Angel also made the mobile which was inspired by a photo she saw in a high-end catalog.  So thrifty and so cute.

This next submission is a really fun one for me.  My mom, Kathy, has turned my old half-painted Hello Kitty/Africa bedroom (sorry Mom!) into a bright, clean, and modern guest bedroom.  The picture below and on the right was once a closet;  she removed the doors and created this neat pampering nook.  Do you not just want to curl up in this room and cat nap?

Thanks for sharing your favorite space with us, Sally.  Below you’ll see a snapshot from her bedroom which I, in my awesome photo-editing madness, turned into a polaroid.  I love Sally’s bold bedding choices and symmetrical wall art display.

And lastly we end with a place submitted by my Grandpa :).  Turns out his favorite place is one of my favorites, too.  The view from my grandparents’ backyard–a lovely shot of the lake they live on in central Michigan.  I have countless memories here;  this picture reminds me it’s the memories–the people–that really bring our favorite spaces to life.

What’s a favorite place or space without someone to share it with?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Love, Stacy

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