I like being alive.

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I like reminding myself that my life is full of very, very good things.

I like that pictures make me see my life at a single moment, capturing details I didn’t necessarily intend, but that become part of the treasure when I look later.


This week, I intentionally kept my camera a little closer.  Just for fun.  Just to see what I capture.


And as much as I like pictures that capture big milestones….

those moments are generally easy to remember.

I like photographing moments that might otherwise be forgotten.


I like how my kids remind me to cherish those little glances.

Those little giggles.

Those little teeth that poke out from little gums.


Time changes little people so fast.

I like how my little people help me slow down long enough to remind myself, “Hey, I like (most of) these little moments that make up my life.”


It’s busy.

My house is messy.

Things are crazy.


But my 3 year old who squeals with delight when I tell her yes, she can help me make a smoothie (for the 10th day in a row) will one day be a freshman in college,

or at her first day at a new job,



a mother.


So when I can, I’m going to slow down just a tiny bit.

Long enough, at least, to take a picture.


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