This story hasn’t stopped percolating in my heart since I heard it.  Enjoy and be blessed by the experience a friend of mine had recently…..


I was honored to meet a woman from our church today who I wish could preach a sermon to us all. She told me she was supposed to die of cancer years ago, but here she still is today…

She used to be such an active woman and would use her hobbies to connect with people and share her faith, but for the past few years she’s been confined to her home as the disease has taken its toll. “What good am I, Lord? I can’t do anything.” She moped, she felt sorry for herself….but then God told her “Are you done complaining, yet? You can still write to people and call them on the phone, encourage them.” So she told me she repented of her complaining – she with terminal cancer – and started finding purpose in her limitations.

Then, a while later, she really thought she was going to die with just months left to live.  Her eyes lit up as she told me, “I decided to have a big party and give away EVERYTHING so I could enjoy watching people have so much fun with it all!” She cut her wardrobe down to just a few pieces of clothing. She gave away decorations and home furnishings. She gave away all her jewelry and favorite things to ladies she knew would love them. “I had so much FUN – it was just a delight to give away all my stuff and see people enjoy it.”

But now, she’s lived much longer than expected and she laughed at the fact she is still wearing the same few clothes, in a pretty bare house, and Christmas is coming but she already gave all her Christmas decorations away.

In tears, she told me how her view of God has changed so much.  I asked her what she meant and she said “Now, I know He just holds me close. And I just want heaven more and more desperately every day.”


Thank you to this woman for sharing her story with my friend, and thank you so much to the friend who shared it with me.  May we be encouraged to know God is writing beautiful things with our weaknesses, and that in our times of trial, we have the incredible opportunity to more intimately feel Him hold us close.  May we strive for the things of God as desperately and passionately as He strives after us.

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