Today we’re holding a cheesy, cyber spacey, ribbon-cutting ceremony and launching into a new facet of foolishness:  product and store reviews!

I have wondered if people might ask, “do product reviews really fit a website that is supposed to be about abundant living and challenging the ways of the world?”  My answer is of course, “uh huh!”

How we spend our money matters.  Most of us don’t really enjoy working, but imagine if we couldn’t work?  Health and the ability to work with our hands and use our imagination, skills and talent–these are good gifts from God and how we handle our earnings reflects the attitude of our hearts.  How we manage our blessings, income or otherwise, shows something about our maturity;  and let’s not forget that God looks at how we’ve handled small matters before entrusting us with big.

I want to find and share products that are either…

1) a real bargain because they’re inexpensive yet do the job


2) items that aren’t necessarily a steal but are worth the investment based on how well they deliver what they’re intended to.

I hate to see people needlessly spend, and I also recognize that sometimes buying a more expensive, quality version really does save in the long run because it needs to be replaced less often.  I absolutely love deciphering which products are which.  I love it so much that it even drives me to use math!  Now, let it be known that the only math I EVER enjoy doing is math that has to do with shopping (that’s not exactly true….I was really good at writing math story problems in sixth grade!) so if my coming up with detailed price-per-ounce calculations and trying off-brand purchases and walking up and down the aisles of Target like a mad-woman can also help you make wise purchases–that’s what I call a cherry (and huge dollop of whipped cream!) on top.  And then rainbow sprinkles.

{Here’s to sharing good stuff with each other!}

the product

Thermos brand travel mugs;  more specifically the Thermos Sipp 16-ounce vacuum-insulated travel tumbler

what’s to love?

Thermos brand travel tumblers keep beverages hot and cold like I have never experienced with any other brand.  If you use a plastic travel mug, or a cheap travel mug, you are well acquainted with having to drink that baby down fast because you know it’s going to cool off in minutes.  And don’t we also all know the terror of thinking our mug is securely closed, only to find we’re now wearing it on our shirt or chin?

I kid you not–this tumbler will keep your coffee hot for at least four hours and still drinkably warm and satisfying for an additional two hours after that.  As you can imagine, this minimizes dumping out coffee because it’s cold or having to re-heat repeatedly. It’s heat retention ability is stunning and with the Sipp model, you can literally hold the thermos upside down without so much as a hint of leakage.  I adore this thermos!

I’m not the only one who finds it amazing.  In fact, the only time I use “mine” anymore is in church when my husband and I pass it back and forth during the service.  Monday through Friday you’ll find the thermos being enjoyed from my hubster’s office because he treasures his coffee hot even more than I do.   Ah yes, marriage = sharing.   {I love you, Ben!}

Another neat feature of the Sipp model is the small “button” in the middle of the lid.  When the travel mug is open and ready to be slurped, the drinker sees white.  When the tumbler is closed, the drinker sees red.  The thermos opens and closes by pushing this button.

what’s not to love?

For some, the price.  This thermos is selling for $27.68 on Amazon.  Wal-Mart typically has a nice little assortment of Thermos brand tumblers, and some sell for less than this model.  Because I’ve had mine for about a year, I needed a refresher on what the price was.  When I found it on Amazon and shared it with my husband–we both grimaced for three seconds and then said, “But it’s so worth it!”

additional thoughts

In the past I have also used the vaccum-insulated 16 oz Butterfly Travel Tumbler and been very happy with it.   It keeps beverages hot, but is not quite as leak-proof.  It’s selling for $23.99 at

If and when you decide to go for it, treat the purchase as an investment.  Don’t leave your first one in the library bathroom–never to be cherished again.  ;)

suddenly in the mood for coffee?

Did you catch my coffee shop adventure?  Have you left a comment to be entered to win Dunkin Donuts coffee and your very own hand-held frother in the current giveaway? 


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