she once got a rug burn on her nose by playing vacuum with me.  i got one, too.

i made this collage for her, but my computer mysteriously wouldn’t save it, so here is a picture of it on my computer screen:

she is a compassionate nurse
she is a great listener
she makes pretty things
she married a man with a great name.
she married a man with a great heart for the Lord
she loves the Lord
she’s quite funny!

she shoved peas into her nose as a child
she has an amazing laugh
she doesn’t mind seeing blood
she doesn’t mind drawing people’s blood
she is grateful

she offers a unique perspective

ashley honestly gives THE BEST advice
she will make beautiful babies around the same time I do (timing is yet to be confirmed but beautiful they will be)

she is gifted at decorating
she somehow managed to be brilliantly right and left brained…not fair
i say she got really smart via playing school with me as a child where I would teach her everything I was learning two grades above her

she got every question right on the CAT test in 1st grade–California Achievement Test–kids don’t get a 100% on that.

growing up, she led the family in creating a PLETHORA of unique words and phrases that we eagerly adopted as family lingo, for example:  (gushamatack) (fwitsie) (poopsie) (i AM!)

she is there for her friends

she has the rare ability to know just what to say in pretty darn near any situation

she’s good at hosting people

she’s thoughtful

she’s happy :)
she’s lovely
she’s my sister….and you can’t have her!  sorry!

{i LOVE you ASHLEY!}

you are a gift to this world and my life without you would be like an existence without ketchup:

dry. bland. boring. terribly lacking.

simply put: you make me happy!

{happy birthday!}

One Response to {reasons to adore ashley trompeter}

  • Ashley says:

    Thanks, Tace. Love ya to the moon…and back…and forth…a million times again! Dearest green, that’s a lot of love!

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