One of the best parts of summer is getting to attend a handful of weddings, wouldn’t you agree?

This past Saturday my husband and I pulled off making it to two wedding celebrations–my cousin’s wedding ceremony and then my childhood friends’ reception.  It was sad to have to divide our time, but thankfully the two events were only 30 minutes from each other so we made it work the best we could.  We had a LOT of fun in our whirlwind weekend to Western Michigan.

Happy marriages Jodi & Zack and Brianna & Kyle!

{marriage = really fun}

Today I wanted to share with you a little card-making inspiration to perhaps kick-start some stationary making of your own.  And if you’re not into making stuff, it’s always fun to see what other people are up to, so please enjoy my lovingly captured photographs.

Weddings are such a personal and special event–the perfect excuse to get out some lovely paper and crafty wonderfulness to create a meaningful card!

Here are the main supplies I used for the two cards I made last week:

Glue stick, heart-shaped paper punch, twine, an owl stamp, gift tag from a local craft store, and an old Anthropologie catalog in which I want to order one of everything but cannot afford even one thing.

Jodi and Zack are the deer-huntin’ type, so I wanted to add a little outdoor flare.  The green paper all came from the catalog.  The pink and white is scrapbook paper.

Everything was secured with an Elmer’s glue stick except for the bow which was hot glued to the line of twine.

I like the personalized date and names on one heart.

The inside looked like this:

The silver pen leaves a nice light-reflecting embellishment.  I used a Pilot brand extra fine point silver marker which I’ve been very happy with.  It came from Hobby Lobby.  (Or Hobby Lobster if you’re in the mood for seafood.  That’s what my sister calls it.)

I think of Brianna and Kyle as being more modern-vintage people, so this is what I crafted for them:

These brown stationary cards are also from Hobby Lobster.  You can buy them in a variety of colors with coordinating envelopes.  The cutie pie bride and groom were done with a garage sale find stencil.

I embellished them with a little silver, too.

And the inside, keepin’ it simple:

I couldn’t stop with just the stationary.  I had to have some fun with the wrapping paper too.  I recently discovered some nice earthy brown wrapping paper at Dollar General for $1.  Yay if you’re into earthy brown.

I just love it when things look good together as the card and wrapping paper do.  It makes my heart sing.

Bed Bath and Beyond has free gift boxes, tissue paper, and wrapping paper (even tape!) you can use after you make your purchase.  And did you know they accept expired coupons?  They do!

I love that it was free, but just a white box is not good enough–even on a cute chair:

So we’ll just add a little pazazz:

The gift was actually from my mom, too, so don’t worry Mumsie….I actually replaced this tag after I took the picture.  In my crafting bliss I forgot what I was doing.  :)

No bother that in the reception bliss I also forgot to put the card in the box.  I guess Brianna and Kyle may find this blog post before their card makes it to them in the mail.  Oops.  Such is my life.  I’ve learned to live with myself but ya’ll can pray for my husband who is still learning how scattered a girl can really be.  Love you, Ben!

Speaking of getting married….trivia question of the day:

Who, exactly two years ago from the date this is being posted, sealed their Christian marriage with a holy kiss before God and a crowd of fine witnesses?

My sister Ashley, and her husband…the other Ben.

(That’s right, my only sibling and I married men with the same name.)

Br0-in-law, you’ve made my best friend one happy girl.

Happy two year anniversary!

Here’s to two more!


{And MANY, many more after that!}

♥  stacy


Wedding day photo credit Dan Stewart Photography.

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  • Ashley says:

    :) first, love the post! second, love the cards and crafts. third, love the dollar general find!! four, thanks for the shout out :) makes me smile!

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