Sometimes it’s fun to write without a mission.  To talk without trying to end up at any particular point.

Welcome to five completely random things I wanted to say…just because I wanted to say them.  :)


This is one of my best friends.  I got to visit her in Indianapolis, Indiana which turns out to be a really neat city, complete with an amazing canal through downtown. Charming gondolas?  Yep.

In other news, the sweater I’m wearing in the photo above was recently stolen from our apartment complex laundry room.  If you see anyone wearing it, send it back to me pronto.  :)


I’m going to be doing a little sign language and dancing as part of my church’s worship service this Sunday.  It’s been years and years since I’ve danced.

Wait. Not true.

My last gig was learning Thriller for a Tipping Point Theatre fundraiser.  Just a titch different in style.  ;)


My kissy fish lip face.


The latest addition to my extended family.  The fifth niece is born!


I used to be boring.

Then I started making mustache stationary.

{Well golly, that was fun!}

Things have been a little slow around the blog lately.  I hope you too are making time to rest, even if it’s rest from something you love.

No one else will work peace, rest, and something just-plain-fun into your holiday schedule unless you do.  :)

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