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A huge thanks to Autumn, a professional organizer who blogs at Space for Living, for passing along this great trick.  It’s so simple yet effective–it astounds me frequently.

It’ll be one of those tips you read about and go “oh that’s nice” as you click away and are tempted not to ever try it, but think twice, my friend!  It has changed my life!

Almost everyone struggles with keeping a clean and/or organized home.  I find that I often set out with great intentions to make some headway, and 30 minutes later I’m not feeling any further along.  I got lost in a magazine as I was attempting to sort through the ones I wanted to keep or toss, or I found an old craft supply I tell myself I’ll just play with for a minute.  The worst distraction is a pile of old pictures.  Oh no.  Oh oh oh oh no.

Now let me introduce you to my new best friend, the 10 minute pickup.

10 minute timer

  A 10 minute pickup involves setting a timer for 10 minutes and performing 10 and ONLY 10 minutes of focused picking up.

Distractions are brilliantly minimized when you remind yourself “I only have 10 minutes, then I’m done.  I can do that other thing later.”  Time is truly a powerful boundary, energizer, and motivator when used in a smart way.  When I look at the clock to see I only have a few minutes of cleaning left, it’s like a personal challenge to see how much more I can get done in those precious, opportunity-brimming minutes.  Knowing a timer is ticking keeps a picker-upper on task for a brief but highly focused period, and hearing the timer buzz after 10 minutes provides the often-lacking closure we need to feel good about the time we spent cleaning.

This works because it’s so….doable.

Certainly there are going to be large-scale projects that are going to require more of your time and should be handled with different expectations.  But as far as the day-to-day case of the “man I just wish this place was a little more picked up”s….get your kitchen timers out folks, you’ll thank me later.  :)

10 minute timer messy

{variations to try}

– If you have the time, sure, eventually you can shoot for 20 minutes or longer.  However, part of the beauty is knowing you’re not cleaning for very long,  so I find small increments to be most effective.

– Get young kids involved.  My sister-in-law makes cleaning fun for her kids by pre-selecting some mystery items that are scattered about and in need of putting away.  At the end of the 10 minutes, she tells her kids what the mystery items were, and whoever was the one to put the mystery items away gets a treat or prize.

– Tag team with your significant other.  Twice the work gets done!


My grandmother is the reining queen of all things baked and delicious.  This tip comes from her wealth of knowledge–thanks, Grandma!

To preserve the softness and freshness of either homemade or store-bought cookies, simply toss a piece of bread into the cookie jar, baggie, or storage container where you’re keeping the yummies.  Even cookies (or other baked goods) that have already started to get a little stale will benefit from the moisture of the bread.

I realize this concept is very difficult to understand, so I invited my sister to demonstrate how this exactly works:

First you acquire your bread slice.

hold the bread

Then you drop it into your container of cookies.

drop the bread

Then you just double check that the bread made it.

where's the bread?

I know it seems tough, but you can do it!  ;)

how to keep cookies soft

The trick really does work like a charm.  Your cookies will thank you for giving them a long, soft life.

It has been quite some time since I featured a

{1) Minute Snippet

and I’m excited to bring it back!

Caution:  you might judge me for this post.

You’ll either think me terribly savvy or terribly lacking in hygiene.  I’ll leave that judgement call up to you–

What is it?

all I’m going to say is I have the thrifty cure for slightly greasy hair that needs a little love when time or circumstances don’t allow for a wash.

Isn’t the suspense killer?

It's baby powder
It’s baby powder!

How to de-grease yo-self

Pat a little baby powder into your hands and remove any excess if you poured too much.  You want to start with just  a little bit until you begin to get the feel for how much is needed.

Pat your hand on your head near your hair’s roots.  On dark hair, you will see the powder at first, but don’t worry.  As long as you didn’t go hog wild, it’ll be invisible in no time as you continue to work it in with your fingers.

Add as much as you need wherever greasy hair is visible.  You can’t go wrong as long as you don’t use too much powder.

Say goodbye

I promise, I really do take showers!  

Just think:  baby powder will last longer and cost less than dry shampoo while achieving the same affect in the same way.  Both utilize a starch to soak up or dry moisture and grease.

Ideas to try:

–  I most often use this trick before I go to the gym.  I’m a little bit vein and don’t like to look like I had a sweaty work-out before I even had a sweaty work out.  {But let’s be honest….it’s been awhile since my workouts have been all that sweaty}
–  Yes, your head will smell a little like baby powder.  If this bothers you, try Johnson’s Lavender and Chamomile for an alternative {and lovely} scent.
–  Throw a travel size bottle in your car or cosmetic bag.
–  You can find baby powder, especially off-brand varieties, at almost any dollar store.
–  Never buy dry shampoo again!

Have you done it?  Would you be willing to try it?

Hello, friend!

As you may know, {1} Minute Snippets are nifty tricks that take one minute to read and about one minute to implement. 

Big things can come in small packages, and today’s snippet is living proof.

Did you know if you put your iPhone or iPod in a small bowl, the sound will be amplified?

You must drop everything and try it now if you own such a device;  I do believe your ears will be quite happy to discover the volume at which you’ll be enjoying your music, podcast, or whatever you typically listen to.

Tiny lil bowl, big ol’ sound.

Kinda reminds a person that a small thing can generate great change.  Perhaps the metaphor is a stretch, but this snippet really does inspire me.  I feel like I’m a tiny Apple iPod with limited speakers but able to make great sound through the simple, powerful love of another.  Ahem, yes, I go a little googley eyed for metaphors–sorry–but I did give you fair warning over here on my about page where my love for metaphors is clearly noted on the top of my random fact list!

{P.S.  I’ve added four new randoms about me at the end of the bulleted list on my about page if you care to stalk me just a little.}  :)

Happy listening, ya’ll!


{1} Minute Snippets are helpful ideas that take 1 minute to read and 1 minute to implement.

Ogres have layers.

Onions have layers.

I have a special place in my heart for ogres, and a special place in my fridge for onions.

Today’s one minute snippet is a money-saving idea for storing the unused portion of commonly eaten veggies.

Because we only cook for two, at our home there is usually a partially cut onion vacationing in the fridge.  {My husband and I kind of swear by the power of the onion to season even the lamest of meals and make them taste restaurant-fancy.}  I recently enacted “the onion bag” policy in which a Ziploc bag (except not, because it’s off brand) bag is labeled “onion.”

The bag hangs out in the fridge, even if the bag is empty for a few days, so we don’t grab for a brand new Ziploc the next time life tosses us another partially used onion.  Physically writing “onion” (or whatever vegetable you commonly have leftovers of) can keep you from asking yourself and members of your household, “Wait–what has this bag been used for?”

I sometimes enforce this policy with my husband’s packed lunches;  can you think of any reason Wednesday’s Cheeze-It bag needs to be different than Monday’s?

Ahhh…..the convenience of a storage bag without the guilt of blowing through a ton of them.  {And no stinky onion smell in your reusable plastic containers!}

I’m frequently suprised how much we spend in “house supplies” each month.  Care to share your tricks for not using and tossing storage bags like there’s no tomorrow?  Please leave a comment!

>>> ….and in the morning, I’m making waffles! <<<

(If you’re catching my movie references here, please comment on that, too.)

(Otherwise I’m going to look a fool for mentioning waffles and onions in the same post, yeah?)


(foolish is kind of the idea of this site.)



{1} Minute Snippets are helpful ideas that take 1 minute to read and 1 minute to implement

Oh, for the love of jewelry.  Just the tiniest piece of you can at times add brilliant dimension and thoughtfulness to an outfit.  And yet, you are so stinking easy to lose that I find you to be a bit maddening. Today’s one minute snippet is a new use for earring studs that have lost their match.



Pictured here are two sad earrings whose mates I have either misplaced or lost.  Suddenly, these outcasts find a happy home as unique push pins on a cork board. Should a lost earring be found, a pair is ready to be worn again.  {Because don’t you just hate it when you find one of something, only to find the non-lost one is now lost?}  Why not give lost studs a practical, pretty use in the waiting?


{1} Minute Snippets are helpful ideas that take 1 minute to read and 1 minute to implement

For the hardcore crafter and not-so-crafty alike, glue is a common household item.  Clearly, not all projects and not all adhesives were created equal.

Let’s see….I have used superglue to salvage an earring I love, hot glue to accidentally destroy one of my mom’s floppy discs back in the day, and spray adhesive to create the design for the tile coasters featured in the current giveaway.

When in doubt which kind you’ll need, save yourself from reading every label of every glue ever invented.  Michael’s craft store offers a neat online tool to help shoppers discern which glue is appropriate for the materials you want to adhere to each other.  Beads to ceramic?  Leather to canvas?  Fabric to cork?  If you don’t find your perfect glue solution, the site even allows you to email the craft experts at Michael’s.  Click here to check out Glue it-To it:  for all your sticky situations.  Clever name, clever tool.


{1} Minute Snippets are helpful ideas that take 1 minute to read and 1 minute to implement

It was a sad moment:  my candle had breathed its last breath.

Today’s one minute snippet is a cure for the end-of-it’s rope candle.

By leaving a candle (the kind that comes in a glass jar of some sort) in the freezer for about an hour, the old, used-up candle wax will fall right out.  It’s pretty fun and couldn’t be easier.

With my candle, I threw out the wax and ran the glass through the dishwasher.  Now I have a sparkling, clear, ready to be recycled glass jar.  Add another votive in there and it’ll be up and running again, or I just might get creative and find a new use for it.  Pencil cup, anyone?



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