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It has been oh-so-very long since I’ve blogged, so I first want to say–thank you for reading this post!  I am so encouraged by the friends and readers who have stuck with me on Foolish for Light.  You da best.

We are in our first week of January and the internet is filled with all that looking-back nostalgia of another year past, plus the looking-ahead hopefulness of resolutions and dreams.

I thought a reflective peek at my 2017 would be a fun way of getting back into the swing of things and reconnecting with my lovely readers.

4 Powerful Moments From My 2017


1.  Leaving my job

We all know in a very cerebral way that humans have limits.  No one can do it all—that’s just not the way things work.  It is a bit humbling, however, to see your limits play out in your own life and realize things at your current pace are not sustainable. 

Here, my 4 year old and her genius photography skills captures how this can feel.  I’ve never felt more attractive than this:

It’s ok.  I take bad pictures of her giving up at life, too.

Stepping down from my job in children’s ministry stinks because I’d like to keep doing it, but the answer has been so clear, and I feel nothing but peace about it.  It’s weird to leave a job you’ve loved but feel amazingly freed at the same time.  Maybe it’s a sign I was in the right place and am moving into the next right place, too.

I stepped down from my position on staff at my church to be more intentional about the time I have at home with my children, especially before they enter school. 

(Please someone tell me they will NEVER GO TO SCHOOL!  Unless I’m tired and they’re behaving badly.  Then please tell me school is coming very soon.)

Since I honestly don’t know how to be anything but a super hands on parent, I feel like I’m being true to myself in this decision and honoring how God made me.  You better believe I thank my lucky stars that this choice is financially possible and that my husband supports me 100%.  I’m so happy!


2.  Falling for Hills and Valleys

Sometimes I think about what I would express if I only had a brief opportunity to explain to someone who I most am at my core.  I feel like the song Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells could almost do that.  He says in an interview that the song goes beyond saying “God is with us in the valleys and mountain tops of life”  and explores what our posture is when we’re in those places. 


What a beautiful picture to think of ourselves looking up when we’re low in the valley, and bowing down when we’re high on the mountain.  What a friend we have in Jesus who walks beside us through it all!

Seriously, if you haven’t heard this song, it is excellent in every way.  LISTEN TO IT.  :)

It turns out Tauren is on tour with Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey!  If you’re hungry for more, listen to Tauren share the story behind this song here.  I also think you’ll find this interview with him to be charming and sweet.  This guy is legit and I love it.


3.  Grappling with beauty

This past year, I have noticed a change in my face.  I feel vulnerable talking about this, but I’m going to anyways.  Basically, I am getting wrinkles.  Why is that so hard to say?

Here, another profound image captured by the 4 year old.  How did she know I wasn’t in the mood to have my wrinkles documented?  ;)


There’s of course the annoying ever-present pressure from our society to maintain youthfulness and enhance our physical selves.  This is such a distraction from the things God cares about, and to be honest, it’s been hard to watch myself struggle with this more than usual lately; I sense the tension between my worldly brain that sees people respond to and enjoy youthful appearances, and my heaven-bound heart which believes there is a beauty far superior to skin and flesh.  I think it’ll be a life-long struggle to desire this inward, God-honoring beauty more than an outward beauty, and in a weird way I’m excited to take on this challenge to my priorities as I age.

But don’t you wish you were always this happy looking in the mirror?

Immersing myself in the Truth of God’s Word seems to be the only thing that can actually change all of me–brain, heart, and soul.  His Word is powerful and I need constant reminders of what matters (prone to wander, Lord I feel it).  How are you actively seeking God in His Word these days?  We desperately need it because we are so prone to getting derailed, myself very much included.

Something that did my heart good this year was to focus on transparency and celebrating.  I invited several friends out to celebrate my 32nd birthday, fully aware that 32 is not exactly a milestone.  I have amazing friends and family and I just wanted to celebrate!

In my email invite, I was upfront about my age which was a decision inspired by friends who did the same thing recently.  (Hi, Callie and David).  I decided I will not be a person who hides how old I am and I think celebrating is a great remedy for the silly desire to hide that we, like every other person in the universe, are getting older.

The other beautiful thing about getting older is we become more aware that we won’t live forever.  We always know this, but the reality becomes harder to ignore when you see your body starting to look different than it has before.  This has prompted me to explore more of what I really want to do with my limited days on Earth, and it’s exciting to get a move on!



4.  Hearing my daughter worship

I actually, for once, don’t have a lot to say about this.  I’m going to leave it sweet and simple.

My 4 year old can occasionally be heard around the house singing “What a beautiful name it is, the name of Jesus Christ our king.”  She only knows this song because I sometimes sing it while doing housework.  The first time I heard her sing it was a powerful moment.  Yes, she has a lot to learn about Jesus, and yes, she’s singing it because I sing it, but she sings it with all her heart, and it is the loveliest thing I’ve ever (ever) heard.

Going into 2018, I beg God to help my children understand why the name of Jesus is so beautiful.  I hope to be obedient myself so my kids see something genuine in me that’s worth emulating.  Isn’t this what it’s all about?!  I know, I know, it’s foolish to some.  To those in the light, we have every reason to look forward to a brand spanking new year.


Thinking of you today, my friends, with gratitude,


…..while I haven’t been blogging.  ;)

You might find it interesting to know that about 3 times a week I’m filled with the hope that hey, maybe this is the week I’ll really jump into blogging again!  And then life happens and I take a nap instead.

I think of you, my readers, with love, all the time.  I look forward to a day when we see a lot more of each other.  But for now, here’s what I’ve been looking at while I haven’t been blogging:














…..and things have been looking pretty good.

1.  Give it a good finger poke.SONY DSC

2.  Decide it’s pretty good.

3.  Face plant.SONY DSC

4.  Live the dream.SONY DSC

5.  Do not share with Mom or Dad.SONY DSC

6.  Do not share with even your cutest friends.


7.  You are a cupcake princess warrior who shares with no one.


Awkward announcement #1:  

Email all your friends a ridiculously silly picture of you discovering one of the unintended perks of your new hard-core vitamins.

magic nails
Awkward announcement #2:  

Use Facebook to lead everyone to believe you’re MUCH further along than you really are.

huge fake tummy

Awkward announcement #3:  

Ask a sincere question and then get sassy out of nowhere.

pregnant lady fat

Awkward announcement #4:  

Simply link to this hilarious YouTube video entitled “Pregnant and I Know It.”  The best parady of “Sexy and I Know It” ever?  Yes.

Awkward announcement #5:  

Send your friends and family practice family photo collages with captions like “Our dream is about to come true” and “Counting down the days until our baby will be playing with this stuffed penguin and we won’t be.”

Penguin Preggars collage

Awkward announcement #6:

Use your blog to explore awkward online birth announcements in which you close by saying…..

I’m pregnant!  :)

Ben and I are expecting a cherub, stuffed penguin, or whatever pops out around September 1st.  There probably couldn’t be two more excited people ever.

Sometimes it’s fun to write without a mission.  To talk without trying to end up at any particular point.

Welcome to five completely random things I wanted to say…just because I wanted to say them.  :)


This is one of my best friends.  I got to visit her in Indianapolis, Indiana which turns out to be a really neat city, complete with an amazing canal through downtown. Charming gondolas?  Yep.

In other news, the sweater I’m wearing in the photo above was recently stolen from our apartment complex laundry room.  If you see anyone wearing it, send it back to me pronto.  :)


I’m going to be doing a little sign language and dancing as part of my church’s worship service this Sunday.  It’s been years and years since I’ve danced.

Wait. Not true.

My last gig was learning Thriller for a Tipping Point Theatre fundraiser.  Just a titch different in style.  ;)


My kissy fish lip face.


The latest addition to my extended family.  The fifth niece is born!


I used to be boring.

Then I started making mustache stationary.

{Well golly, that was fun!}

Things have been a little slow around the blog lately.  I hope you too are making time to rest, even if it’s rest from something you love.

No one else will work peace, rest, and something just-plain-fun into your holiday schedule unless you do.  :)

If your dream is to peek into people’s homes, welcome to your dream come true!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a photo for the Favorite Place or Space Contest!  I feel like I creepily peeked into one of your windows know each of you a wee bit better.  ;)  Thanks for celebrating with me!  Thank you Lord for these spaces we love and call home.

First we feature Gretchen who shares her favorite space in her home–this lovely buffet table she showered with TLC!  I am loving Gretchen’s green living tips, charming photography, and other shenanigans over at New Fashioned Mom. 

Next you get to pop in to Ashley‘s pad!  She may be freshly relocated to a new state in a new corner of the country, but her classy country-meets-modern decor style traveled the miles with her.  She credits the blog Shanty-2-Chic for the twine letter how-to.

Maida is my new friend (yee haw!) via Brotherly Love Theatre Company, and I know she’d approve of me taking this opportunity to invite you to our company’s current project, the play 13 to 30.  Please feel free to click the links to learn more!

And now to Maida’s comfy-cozy living room…  :)

Maida says her apartment now dawns a “boy couch” and “girl couch” after a couch was mysteriously left abandoned in her apartment lobby for what appeared to be long-term.  Gotta love free!

Did you notice those great maps on Maida’s wall?  You’ll also notice some stellar wall art maps when you explore Autumn‘s children’s bedroom.  It is well-worth your time to click your way on over to her full-bedroom tutorial via her blog Space for Living.  Autumn’s blog name says it all–her kids have a great space for living, playing, crafting, and being a kid.  I am always getting ideas from Space for Living!

Well I’ll be honest, I’m drooling over Mayling‘s Craigslist-find writing desk pictured below.  She thanks her husband for getting it in working condition and says, “It is soooooo nice to have a space where there are no toys, school fliers, kid books, and bills.  It is where I journal about the day with the kids, prayer requests, and thoughts during my quiet time.”   Amazing.  (Like how I edited her writing desk with writing over top of the picture?  I admit to having way too much fun with this post, people.)

I love

this next


Matt shares with us a backstage pass to his favorite spot in his home–what could possibly on earth be cooler than….wait for it….a drum building studio?  He gives a really neat tour on his blog matt vs. the real world, both of which are worth clicking over to.  Thank you, Matt.  I feel so much cooler having seen this.

Next we’ll take a peek at Kaui‘s favorite place:  a kitchen DIY project that increased her kitchen counter space and made for a more organized place to feed her family.  So clever!  I’m a fan.  Click the image below to see how she made it or explore her blog Thrifty Military Mommy. 

I would love to one day steal this next idea from Kate.  I adore the nook created by the placement of her bookshelves!  She calls it her corner of coziness, which sounds absolutely right.  Kate radiates positive energy on her blog Kate Moving Forward and guess what?

Kate was randomly selected to >>>win win win<<< the $40 giftcard for this giveaway.  CoNgRats!

Next up is Kayla‘s favorite space, a painting done by our mutual and extremely talented friend Sarah Mathos.  The painting brings joy and elicits awwws while hanging on the wall of Kayla’s guest bathroom.  Doesn’t it make your heart all fuzzy?

And who can resist a charming nursery?  Angel‘s is filled with meaning, too.  The picture above the crib is a pastel drawing she made when she was 13 and  loved unicorns.  After having it framed in her 20’s she realized she wasn’t quite so enamored with unicorns and didn’t have a good place to hang it until being blessed with a sweet baby girl.   Angel also made the mobile which was inspired by a photo she saw in a high-end catalog.  So thrifty and so cute.

This next submission is a really fun one for me.  My mom, Kathy, has turned my old half-painted Hello Kitty/Africa bedroom (sorry Mom!) into a bright, clean, and modern guest bedroom.  The picture below and on the right was once a closet;  she removed the doors and created this neat pampering nook.  Do you not just want to curl up in this room and cat nap?

Thanks for sharing your favorite space with us, Sally.  Below you’ll see a snapshot from her bedroom which I, in my awesome photo-editing madness, turned into a polaroid.  I love Sally’s bold bedding choices and symmetrical wall art display.

And lastly we end with a place submitted by my Grandpa :).  Turns out his favorite place is one of my favorites, too.  The view from my grandparents’ backyard–a lovely shot of the lake they live on in central Michigan.  I have countless memories here;  this picture reminds me it’s the memories–the people–that really bring our favorite spaces to life.

What’s a favorite place or space without someone to share it with?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Love, Stacy

I’m a little actress, short and stout. Here is a silly picture, here is my spout.

{I’m actually not short at all. Try 5′ 10″}

{I also don’t have a spout, sorry I lied…I just have this song in my head.}


If you’ve come out to see Wind in the Willows somewhere in Chicagoland, thank you so much! I am thrilled to connect with you!
If you’re planning to come see the show, please say hello afterwards. Let’s take some pictures, shall we? If you give me permission, I’d love to post ’em here on the site.

I am generally drawn to behind-the-scenes footage on just about anything.  If there’s a “making of the movie” selection on a dvd, I watch it.  It’s incredible how much unseen work goes into making a production happen.  Plays, films, television shows, even dance recitals….they remind me of what can be accomplished by the work of many–so much more than could ever be done by one.  Collaboration.  Community.  You can’t convince me we weren’t designed to be a part of them.

And with that, I share with you a little behind the scenes peek at a Wind in the Willows rehearsal…. plus a few things I am undeniably oh-so-grateful for.


Behind the Scenes: Wind in the Willows Fight Scene Rehearsal

The picture below is one of our first rehearsals with props and costumes.  Clearly not everything was ready at this point, but here you see Chris, Mike, and Sally trying out some new toys.  Building a character becomes easier and starts to feel more real when hats, wigs, and masks start showing up at rehearsals.

As you can imagine, fight scene rehearsals are pretty stinking fun. This was my first fight scene ever, so I enjoyed it extra much.

*Willows trivia question:  Which actor choreographed the final fight scene?  The one who plays little Portly bunny, Mr. Badger, or the Chief Weasel?  Keep reading for the answer.*

Even when you’re fighting with plastic weapons, you’ve gotta be careful. I’ve learned that eye contact is important–you don’t want to catch your fellow actor off-guard. Of course the idea is to have the actors make it look like they were surprised by the blow.

I love these pictures of Julia and Mike. Something went a bit wrong as they rehearsed their moves….but nobody was hurt, and they shared a tender moment exchanging apologies. :)

Who will win the fight? The good guys or the bad guys? Isn’t the suspense just killing you?!

Be sure to also take note of what a glamorous rehearsal space we’re in.  An old pile of mattresses.  A floor that has maybe never been washed?  Heat–oh Lord, heat.

I love it.

*Trivia answer:  The actor who played the Chief Weasel, Mike, choreographed the final fight scene.*

Please leave a comment and let me know something you or your kids loved about the show. 

We love bringing the story to life for you.  :)

5 Things I just have to tell you I’m grateful for:

  • ben being a quarter of the audience the day the show opened.  don’t worry, numbers have been up since then.  :)
  • a surprise visit from my mom and sister an hour before the show started a few weekends ago!  can anyone picture me screaming?
  • my new cast friends.  i really like them.
  • friends who have come from near and far to see the play, including college friends and some amigos from my days at summer camp….ah….summer camp….
  • my father-in-law and niece are flying in from the east coast to see the play this weekend.  wow.  isn’t that sweet?  3/4 of the kids in our wedding will be in the audience Saturday.  how’d i get so blessed?


Lights….hm, there will be natural lighting!  That’s right, bring on the sunshine and the great outdoors.
Camera….er, the camera will be the one you bring!
Action…..oh yes, plenty of that.  A jumping toad, a bunny band, a mole digging holes, a stolen motor car….Wind in the Willow audiences are in for a treat!


It’s hard to believe the play I’ve been blessed to be cast in, Wind in the Willows, is opening in two weeks.  I honestly think it’s going to be a hoot, so I’m excited and honored to share all the details about seeing a show for those of you who are interested.

Everything you could want to know about seeing this dandy lil’ play except the things I missed and forgot to tell you:

* * * * * *

What is the theatre company called?

Theatre-Hikes.  Here’s their website.

Is this a normal play?

Not really.  :)  The company is called Theatre-Hikes for a reason.  Every performance will be outdoors!  The first scene of the play will open in one spot, and then a hike guide will take you to the next place in the park for the next scene.  The actors will run off ahead to get set up, and then the play continues in a new, beautiful corner of the great outdoors.

When can I see Wind in the Willows?

The show runs July 14 through the last weekend of August.  Typically shows are at 1:00 on Saturdays and Sundays, but here is the official schedule:

July 14 & 15The Pullman State Historic Site

July 21 & 22North Park Village Nature Center

July 28 @ 3pmThe City of Blue Island

August 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 18 & 19, 25 & 26The Morton Arboretum

 *All shows are at 1:00 pm except for July 28th, which is at 3:00 pm in the City of Blue Island

Please note:  At the Morton Arboretum, your ticket price covers parking, plus admission to the arboretum for the day.  When you arrive, tell them you’re “with Theatre-Hikes” and they’ll direct you.

So there are options as to where I can see the show?

Yes–the show will be performed at a total of four different places.  A few are free!

And tickets?

Here is the breakdown of how to purchase or reserve your tickets:

City of Blue Island
Admission is free
For reservations and more information, contact Rita at 708-388-5735

North Park Village Nature Center
Admission is free
For reservations, call 312-744-5472 (between the hours of 10 & 4)

The Morton Arboretum
Admission is $13-$19 (This includes admission to the Arboretum and parking)
Discounts are available to Arboretum members
Call 630-725-2066 or go here.

Pullman State Historic Site
Admission is $15/Adults and $7.50/Children Under 12
Free parking
Tickets are available by calling Theatre-Hikes at 872-202-4963 and will also be available through Brown Paper Tickets and HotTix (not yet available).

Is this a children’s show?

It is!  But I have no doubt big kids will love it, too.  The script is funny, and I think our actors bring a LOT of charm and life to these super silly characters.

An outdoor play?  Hmm….what should I bring?

Bug spray.  Sunscreen.  Maybe a snack?  Water!  A picnic blanket, or perhaps some easy-to-carry outdoor chairs.

What will you be doing in the play?

Oh golly, thanks for asking.  You’ll see me dance, sing, portray a few different characters, and play the guitar.  In other words make a fool out of myself in hopefully a great way.  You’re gonna love it!

How’d you get cast?

Check out this post where I tell the whole silly story.

Anything else I should know?

I’ve been told that all the locations are neat and unique in their own cool way, but that Morton Arboretum is a really special place to see the show.  The director said, “That’s the place you want to bring your grandma to.”

Anything else I should know?

Please bring your camera!  I’d LOVE to post your pictures on the blog!  And don’t you dare leave without saying hello to me.  I’d especially love to take some pictures with you, your kids, and everyone doing their best bunny impression.

I’m planning to start a guest book here on {Foolish for Light} for those who see the play, so make sure to come back and say hello, share your favorite parts of the play, and ask questions about the production.

Thank you for reading!  Caring!  Supporting!  I’ll see you at the theatre!


A lovely stationary set, some Dunkin coffee, and an amazing beverage frother are on their way to

{our next giveaway winner!}


wait for it…..


wait for it…..


Below, Kayla {on the left) and I pose with a fire hydrant in downtown Holland, Michigan.  Why?  It’s labeled #4….and we apparently found that to be cool 4 years ago.

Kayla commented that her beverage of choice, if she could only drink one liquid in addition to water for the rest of her life, would be Cherry Coke.

All Kayla did to enter this charming contest was leave a comment.

Your comments after posts = love.

I am always excited to hear what you have to say and I encourage you to befriend that comment button that lurks in the murky waters of the bottom of the post.  Who knows where your relationship with it will lead!

In a few days the next giveaway will be unveiled, and let me tell you, it’s pretty exciting.  Think sparkley, custom-designed, thoughtful, artful, jewelry.  :)  And you could be the next winner!

Now, segway with me to a different kind of winner.

I love to hear people talk honestly about the kind of meals that end up on their kitchen tables.  Eating–something so vital!  Life-giving!  Important!….can also be so…..routine.  Planning three meals a day–are you kidding me?  That could be a full time job, am I right??!!  (Invitation to skip to the bottom of this post and comment “YES!  I agree!”)

I also love to hear people talk honestly about their own perceived weaknesses that God somehow  makes beautiful and maybe not-so-weak, proving that after all, He is really the strong one.   Remember how He is able to do more than we can even imagine or ask?  {Give us faith to believe You can, Lord!}

I help lead a monthly outreach event at my church where we serve a hopefully fantastic three course meal to anyone in our community who could use a free dinner.

Now–the man who envisioned and began this ministry grew up in a foodie family.

He owns a pasta maker.  Enough said.

While it’s not a glaring weakness, I do not consider cooking or baking a strength of mine.  In fact, I could not manage to figure out the pepper grinder on the day this ministry was courageously passed on to me.  {I’m glad this made you laugh and not cry, Phillip.}  ;)

A funny thing happened at our most recent dinner.  While the volunteers and guests seemed to thoroughly enjoy the crab-stuffed chicken breasts I had planned, {thank you Grandma, for your advice on the baking time for a quadrupled recipe} the volunteers were just short of giddy over the food we made for the children in attendance:  chicken nuggets.  Chicken nuggets!

Nuggets are terrifically easy to make from scratch, and I felt strangely encouraged and inspired that the volunteers loved them so much–what a shout out to childhood simpleness.  If it tastes good, it tastes good, right?  {And if it’s fried, you know it’s going to taste even better!}

Allow me the pleasure of sharing this almost embarrassingly simple recipe.

Recipe for perfect, inexpensive chicken nuggets:  a winner for dinner

Cut chicken into desired bite-sized pieces.  Aldi carries wonderful chicken tenderloins on the cheap.  They’re fresh and perfectly sized.

Warm some oil, just enough to cover your pan, on medium heat.

As your oil heats, grab two small mixing bowls.  Even cereal bowls will work.

Bowl one:

Corn flake crumbs {which you can buy as crumbs for $3 or $4 a box, and the box will last a long time} plus five or six dashes of salt and a little pepper.  {Try garlic salt or seasoned salt if you want to get fancy}  Mix salt and peppa’ into flakes.

Bowl two:

Beat an egg or two, add a splash of cider vinegar and/or milk if you have them.  {Vinegar and milk aren’t necessary, just add a fancy kick of flavor}

Toss a few nuggets into the egg mixture, then press each one individually into the corn flakes.

Add nuggets to pan, rotating a few times during cooking.  The nuggets should brown nicely as they cook.  If you’re worried about doneness, cut into your largest nugget to ensure there’s no pink before serving.

  • Serve plain with ketchup, or with rice and sweet and sour sauce!
  • For a more adult-feeling dinner, try keeping your chicken tenderloins whole.  Yummy fried chicken tenders!  Completely bread-free!
  • Following this same recipe, nuggets can also be cooked in a deep fryer if you have one.  Be aware they’ll cook fast this way.


Creative people are often not gifted with organizational skills.

I hope that’s true anyways, because believing it helps me feel better!

Maybe I should just stick to what I can say for sure, and that is I’m pretty creative and pretty lacking in the area of organization.

Behold: my college dorm room in it’s natural state.  This is exactly how I remember it.

Now don’t get me wrong, I value organization and can crush over magazine images and Pinterest boards of beautifully organized and clean spaces like the best of them.  But getting and staying organized is not a natural rhythm in my life.  Said differently–

Once upon a time I had only been married a few weeks and boasted to my husband, “Look!  I washed, dried, and hung up all your clothes for you.”

Husband said, “Stacy, thank you so much.  Now, the only thing is—can I teach you my system for where all my clothes should be hung?”

System?  I was horrified.

{In the photo above, taken in our closet door mirrors, you’ll notice his neatly organized shirts hanging on the right and everything falling out of my cubbies on the left.}

I thrive when there is at least some level of chaos.  Picking out my clothes in the morning is an artistic experience of collaborating color, mood, weather, and fabric—how could anyone possibly have a system for that?  At some point that evening as my husband and I struggled to understand each other, I shed some tears.  Not my proudest moment.

And then, to my surprise and dismay, two weeks later in my beloved Martha Stewart Living magazine, Martha had the audacity to suggest the exact same system as my husband’s.  True story.

The good news is that slowly, as a lover and follower of the organizational website Space for Living, something has begun to click.  I realize now that creative, free-spirited people have something to learn from the organized, structured souls.  And vice versa.  {And yes, of course I’m generalizing a bit.  In reality most of us are a combination of both.}

For much of my life, I’ve tried to be organized and pretty much failed at keeping up with it; after awhile, I wrote myself off as an organizational drop out.

But if I imagine a Type A,  organizational guru telling me he or she had given up on ever trying an artistic endeavor,  I know exactly the pep talk I’d give them: “Embracing creativity is something you can learn, through small steps, and I believe being open to the power of art will change your life for the better.”

Alas—I need to take my own advice.  Learn.  Small steps.

These days I’m excited to learn from Space for Living, my own organized husband, and other people whose strengths aren’t mine.  And equally important,  I commit to give to my family, community, and blogosphere out of my strengths, too.

The funny thing is, as I’ve made effort to become more organized, the biggest improvement has been in my creative life.  For a long time it’d been a pattern for me to be struck with inspiration but then not be able to locate all the little supplies I needed to pull off the project.  Imagine hearing me say, “I know I saved that thing….somwhere…..” several times in a row until I give up and decide making coffee sounds like a nice alternative.

This frustrating, annoying trend has not been the case since I seriously tackled organizing my art supplies.

{first–what needs the most help?}

I have so much paper, and I use paper a lot, so it was top priority!

Using two Target paper sorters right in front of each other made a home for all things paper:  full sheets of scrapbook paper, construction paper, magazine clippings I love, even specialty paper for t-shirt iron-ons. 

The only paper that doesn’t belong in these sorters is stationary.  I have so much of it, it needed it’s own space.  Below you’ll see my super-handmade yet super-helpful organization system.

That’s right–just a small storage container with post-it notes taped to index cards, but I tell ya what–I know exactly where to find exactly what I need when I want to send someone a note.

{a space to be messy}

I mentioned before I thrive in chaos. This is the designated area for chaos on my desk, and I’m more than ok with it being a tad messy.

I made this “treasure catcher” pictured above out of plates and goblets. I love having a place to quickly toss things when I need to clear off the desk. The small supplies are up and out of the way, yet easy to relocate if I’m going to finish the project soon.

Our filing cabinet, lovingly maintained by the husband, fits under the snazzy craft desk we bought at Goodwill for $7.  I probably put in another $7 to sand and paint it.  And I’m in love.

So there we have the craft desk!

Now let’s venture over to my slightly ugly but very effectively organized craft shelf.

{like things get stored together}

All things adhesive and sticky go in the same crate {a garage sale find} pictured below.  Boy is it nice to know where you can find what you need.

The perfectly sized basket shown below was from a Christmas basket I received.  Re-purposed and free, it holds somewhat miscellaneous “earthy” stuff.The gallon sized clear bags make my treasures easy to find without creating a huge mess.

I love these purple boxes from Wal-Mart for holding small supplies like stamps, tags, and miscellaneous items.

{only so much space}

I have a strange fascination with glass jars.  Now that I have a place just for them, I don’t feel badly about letting them collect….. but when there’s no more room on this shelf, I can’t add anymore to the collection without using or getting rid of something to free up room.

So, care to eavesdrop on a more recent conversation of my husband and me?

Husband said, “Wow.  It’s so clean under the sink!  It looks really good.  Where did you put everything that was under there?”

{put it where you’ll use it}

Beaming, I said, “The only thing I did was organize the grocery bags–they were taking over!  We don’t use paper bags very often, so I tidied those into one bag and took them to my car where I’m more likely to reuse them for shopping.  And, I created this for our plastic bags:

A coffee can turned bag holder.  We’re not keeping any more plastic bags than this little guy will hold.”

Husband said, “Wow.”

And I thought, “Wow.  There’s hope for a creative, organizationally challenged fool like me!”

Given my Martha meltdown a year and a half ago, I think the fact that my husband said “wow” about something that had to do with me being organized is pretty wow, indeed.


Photo credit for messy dorm room:  the one, the only, Kristin Raley.

I’m in a good mood and thought I’d just ask:  wanna catch up?

My natural tendency is to write lots and lots of words;  sometimes after I’ve published a new post I’ll re-read it and think, “Probably could have said that more simply.”  No need to tell me if you’ve thought the same.  haha!

I’m pretty sure when my college writing professor said to “show, not tell” she was not suggesting to put down the pencil and take up photography, but please, pull up a chair–I want to show you what life has looked like around here in pictures.  Just for fun, just cuz we’re pals.


In October 2010, I snagged a hubby and a new hobby:  bragging about him.  Here we are after he placed fourth overall (and first in his age group) in a 5K run!

The medal around his neck was handmade in the pottery barn on the farm where the race was held.

My artsy self was in love with that.

On an unrelated note, do you have a nickname for anyone but truly no idea where the name came from?  I call my sister Bess–which is short for Bessie–but why did either come to be associated with a girl named Ashley?  The world may never know.

You will notice in the picture below these are all missed calls from Bess–I do not generally ignore her, but I laughed when I saw this.  I guess we talk a lot.

Oh, I want to show you the kids I nanny for because they have changed my life.  Prepare yourself:  their pure and utter cuteness might change yours, too.

Have you done any spring-time crafting?  My two projects have both involved food.  :)

One:  chocolate covered pretzel rods with sugary butterflies I bought on clearance after Easter last year.

Two:  rice krispies!  My tummy doesn’t like gluten and rice krispy treats are an easy gluten free snack.  I bought the cereal, butter, and marshmallows from Aldi which totaled a whopping $3.  Not to mention no baking!

Speaking of food, my insanely creative and completely lovely mother suggested we steam lobsters for Easter.  Traditional?  Not all.  Fun?  Oh baby.

Our research said to pick lobsters from the tank that seemed mad.

You leave the lobsters in your fridge until it’s their time to shine, but I had to take a closer peek first.  Better keep them in a bag or they might decide to snack on your refrigerated goodies.

Boil water, add Old Bay spice, insert snapping creature for 7 – 10 minutes.

I guess there were a few other steps in there like cutting the rubber bands off their pinchers, melting butter, and google searching how on earth to eat a whole lobster….but you get the idea.

{Please note the meat tenderizer in Ben’s hand and that my mom is using office scissors.  Yes, we were very prepared.}

In other news, my dad checked “taking a jumping photo” off his bucket list….

And–the Detroit Tigers won!

….wish I could tell you more about the game, but that’s all I know.  :)

And a perfectly lovely fireplace photo session….

….turned perfectly silly in due time as we explored just how ridiculous a person can look laughing.  I wish you could hear the laughs coming from our mouths as this photo was captured.

Oh hey, have you entered the current Foolish for Light giveaway yet?  I’m getting excited about sending someone the loot at the end of April.

Speaking of free–you might be interested in my sister-in-law’s blog giveaway at Space for Living.  I think you’ll be inspired by her knack for organizing and heart for “making room for the things that matter most.”  I have learned a lot from her wisdom and thoroughly enjoy her blog.

Well this has been a delightful little chat.  Thanks for joining me!  Let’s do it again sometime.

But for now, back to our ghetto, fly lives…

Or maybe not.  :)

♥  stacy



A warm, hearty congratulations goes out to the first ever {foolish for light} giveaway winner–Christina Whan!  :D  Christina scores everything from the most recent giveaway.

If you are reading this, I want you to know how much I am enjoying sharing in this foolish adventure with you.  If you are reading this, I want to thank you.  Thank you for finding time in your busy routine to make a space for this blog.  I am grateful for your readership, and surprisingly, spell check is letting “readership” fly as a word.  Who knew?

You can look forward to two exciting things on the horizon later this week.  One:  the unveiling of a new giveaway.  Two:  the first of many-to-come product/store reviews.  I do love to shop, try, and tell, and I’m looking forward to sharing items to help cut back on spending, plus products that are worth the splurge.

See you back here soon!

♥  stacy




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