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If your dream is to peek into people’s homes, welcome to your dream come true!

Thank you to everyone who contributed a photo for the Favorite Place or Space Contest!  I feel like I creepily peeked into one of your windows know each of you a wee bit better.  ;)  Thanks for celebrating with me!  Thank you Lord for these spaces we love and call home.

First we feature Gretchen who shares her favorite space in her home–this lovely buffet table she showered with TLC!  I am loving Gretchen’s green living tips, charming photography, and other shenanigans over at New Fashioned Mom. 

Next you get to pop in to Ashley‘s pad!  She may be freshly relocated to a new state in a new corner of the country, but her classy country-meets-modern decor style traveled the miles with her.  She credits the blog Shanty-2-Chic for the twine letter how-to.

Maida is my new friend (yee haw!) via Brotherly Love Theatre Company, and I know she’d approve of me taking this opportunity to invite you to our company’s current project, the play 13 to 30.  Please feel free to click the links to learn more!

And now to Maida’s comfy-cozy living room…  :)

Maida says her apartment now dawns a “boy couch” and “girl couch” after a couch was mysteriously left abandoned in her apartment lobby for what appeared to be long-term.  Gotta love free!

Did you notice those great maps on Maida’s wall?  You’ll also notice some stellar wall art maps when you explore Autumn‘s children’s bedroom.  It is well-worth your time to click your way on over to her full-bedroom tutorial via her blog Space for Living.  Autumn’s blog name says it all–her kids have a great space for living, playing, crafting, and being a kid.  I am always getting ideas from Space for Living!

Well I’ll be honest, I’m drooling over Mayling‘s Craigslist-find writing desk pictured below.  She thanks her husband for getting it in working condition and says, “It is soooooo nice to have a space where there are no toys, school fliers, kid books, and bills.  It is where I journal about the day with the kids, prayer requests, and thoughts during my quiet time.”   Amazing.  (Like how I edited her writing desk with writing over top of the picture?  I admit to having way too much fun with this post, people.)

I love

this next


Matt shares with us a backstage pass to his favorite spot in his home–what could possibly on earth be cooler than….wait for it….a drum building studio?  He gives a really neat tour on his blog matt vs. the real world, both of which are worth clicking over to.  Thank you, Matt.  I feel so much cooler having seen this.

Next we’ll take a peek at Kaui‘s favorite place:  a kitchen DIY project that increased her kitchen counter space and made for a more organized place to feed her family.  So clever!  I’m a fan.  Click the image below to see how she made it or explore her blog Thrifty Military Mommy. 

I would love to one day steal this next idea from Kate.  I adore the nook created by the placement of her bookshelves!  She calls it her corner of coziness, which sounds absolutely right.  Kate radiates positive energy on her blog Kate Moving Forward and guess what?

Kate was randomly selected to >>>win win win<<< the $40 giftcard for this giveaway.  CoNgRats!

Next up is Kayla‘s favorite space, a painting done by our mutual and extremely talented friend Sarah Mathos.  The painting brings joy and elicits awwws while hanging on the wall of Kayla’s guest bathroom.  Doesn’t it make your heart all fuzzy?

And who can resist a charming nursery?  Angel‘s is filled with meaning, too.  The picture above the crib is a pastel drawing she made when she was 13 and  loved unicorns.  After having it framed in her 20’s she realized she wasn’t quite so enamored with unicorns and didn’t have a good place to hang it until being blessed with a sweet baby girl.   Angel also made the mobile which was inspired by a photo she saw in a high-end catalog.  So thrifty and so cute.

This next submission is a really fun one for me.  My mom, Kathy, has turned my old half-painted Hello Kitty/Africa bedroom (sorry Mom!) into a bright, clean, and modern guest bedroom.  The picture below and on the right was once a closet;  she removed the doors and created this neat pampering nook.  Do you not just want to curl up in this room and cat nap?

Thanks for sharing your favorite space with us, Sally.  Below you’ll see a snapshot from her bedroom which I, in my awesome photo-editing madness, turned into a polaroid.  I love Sally’s bold bedding choices and symmetrical wall art display.

And lastly we end with a place submitted by my Grandpa :).  Turns out his favorite place is one of my favorites, too.  The view from my grandparents’ backyard–a lovely shot of the lake they live on in central Michigan.  I have countless memories here;  this picture reminds me it’s the memories–the people–that really bring our favorite spaces to life.

What’s a favorite place or space without someone to share it with?

Have a GREAT weekend!

Love, Stacy


Thanks for checking in for a little more home tour goodness.

Today we’re looking at the kitchen and dining room.



I have a dream to buy a home with terribly outdated cupboards so I can paint them in chalkboard paint and write the cupboards contents on the doors.  When I look at homes for sale that have nice kitchens, I don’t like them.  I want a bad kitchen so I can paint it.  Anyways…. :)

In a rented apartment like we’re in now, I’m not about to paint cupboards because there would be no easy way to get them back to normal.  It’s hard to work with a plain ol’ kitchen knowing you can’t do many alterations.

This is the area above the stove.  Look how plain and sad.

Looking around, I realized one problem with our kitchen is the lost, dead, white space above the cupboards throughout the room.

So I decided to acknowledge this awkward extra space with a little pop of fun.

More painted wall stripes?


This time I cheated.  :)

This project took a total of 20 minutes.  How so?

I used something called artist tape.  I selected this tape because it came in red and didn’t seem too heavy duty.  I want to be able to pull it off the wall hassle-free when we move out.


 Not bad!  I really don’t think you’d guess it was tape.  I probably wouldn’t make this choice in a house, but it’s the perfect non-commitment decorating move for us apartment dwellers.  It gives height to the room and adds a little interest.  I did double lines along the entire perimeter of the kitchen.

The picture below shows the main entrance into the kitchen.  I spray painted an old bathroom shower curtain red and loosely tied on some fabric remnants from a yard sale.  The twine ball is from where else?  Hobby Lobby.

I used a tag from a new pair of Ben’s pants for one of my favorite little details…

I painted the canvas below after finding it at Goodwill for $2.99.  The awesome sunflowers were from my Daddy after he saw me in Wind in the Willows.

In the microwave station picture above, you might recognize the tower of plates and glasses from my post about keeping crafts organized.  It’s a versatile little thing!  Right now I’m loving it in the kitchen as a catch-all.

The soup bowls above were something I always admired at my Grandma and Grandpa’s home.  And now I admire them at mine by keeping them out on the counter.  :)

The utensil holder below used to be brown and look a little outdated.  Hello, gray spray paint!

And are we ready for the dining room?

Gotta love the ugly fan.  :)

The display along the gray wall is a work in progress and something I randomly dreamed up.  It’s a cork board with a piece of material {$1 at a yard sale} stretched over the front and stapled to the back.  (Thank you, Jess M, for the assistance of your staple gun).

Black hooks:  Hobby Lobby

White birds:  from my wedding decor, ordered from Etsy

Orange striped material:  garage sale find

Green moss cabin:  Anthropology catalog

Other additions:  twine, scraps of lace, random flowers made of felt and paper

Since it’s a cork board, Jess-with-the-staple-gun suggested displaying holiday cards on it when that time rolls around.  For someone like me who is constantly moving things around and changing things up, cork is a dream come true–yet, it doesn’t look like a cork board.

I have to admit, I don’t feel quite like the dining room is “done” yet, but the process of taking pictures of my home to share is teaching me that it’s not about perfect, it’s about progress.  Most importantly, I keep finding myself reminded that it’s really about people.  (Whatever “it” is).  I’m so grateful for the man I get to share this place with and the friends and family I get to welcome into it.

I heard somewhere that if your blog is perfect when you finally share it with people, you waited too long to start sharing it.  Our homes are similar, right?  That’s why I’m hoping you’ll join the sharing boat and open up a little bit of your world to us too! 

{click below to learn more}

Thanks for hanging out with me and my imperfect blog and imperfect home tour.  I hope you find yourself lifted up in some way each time you visit.  Look how happy your being here makes me:

There are so many words out there on websites, blogs, magazines, books….my dream is that {Foolish for Light} is like a most desirable little check-in point where you step in for good words–true words–silly words–life giving words–that help inform and shape the rest of the things you participate in for the day.

I hope getting foolish fuels you to feel lighter.
A little freer.
A little more in tune with the Light of the world.
A little more aware that you house the Light in you.
May that awareness make you a little happier.
May your joy ignite something a little brighter.
I think your radiance is going to make people see the world a little differently.
And I think different can be very good.

.:. .:. .:.

I do pray for you, my reader friend, and I thank God for the ability to create and share with you.  Really.

Do what you love today and do it well!  Do it with the confidence we can have from knowing how Jesus Christ feels when we looks upon us.  He sees you with the utmost loving gaze of grace. Really.

Until next time,

♥  stacy

what next?


Howdy and welcome!

I have decided to unveil my one bedroom apartment home to you during the month of September–not because my home is so trendy and neat that it should be featured in magazines–but that’s kind of the point.

It’s a work in progress and heck, aren’t we all?

Click below to play catch up if you need to:

.:.:.:.  .:.:.:.

When it comes to our homes, there is always something more we could touch up, straighten up, fix up, sew up, or whatever-up, and I have to admit that I do sometimes struggle with perfectionism.

While I’m confessing, I’ll also throw this out there for kicks: for some reason I also get into patterns of thinking that if I am not the best at something, I just shouldn’t do it.  (For instance, I lived in Chicago for a year and a half with the dream of acting and never auditioned for a thing because  I couldn’t stand to think of myself failing.  It seems so….dumb….in retrospect.)

The problem is, if we resolve to only share the parts of our lives that feel polished, or the rooms of our house that feel photo worthy, or the weaknesses that seem not too bad–we’re not really sharing ourselves.  It’s like when Ben and I got married, he told me that if we hold back secrets from each other, we’ll always wonder, “I know he loves me now, but what if he knew this one thing I’d done?  Would he love me then?”  And so he and I have committed to share.  Let me tell you, it’s a beautiful, sweet, sweet thing.

Sooooo….. maybe I’m getting a little too deep with this home tour thing, but I have this weird condition where I see metaphors in almost anything so please, bear with me and my medical issues.  ;)

It’s been…well….freeing to share my place with you and I have truly appreciated the warm response.  Don’t worry, the last leg of the home tour is on it’s way in just a couple days.

But….from the beginning I’ve hoped this conversation might turn two way.  That is, I wonder if you might share part of your home with me and fellow Foolish for Light readers.

.:. I hereby announce the .:.

{you could win a $40 giftcard!}


I’d LOVE to see a picture of your favorite place or space in YOUR home!

It could be a desk you’ve refurbished.  The view from your backyard.  A whole room that you love.  A quiet reading nook.  A link to a home tour on your blog.  It could be ANYTHING.  It just has to be a place or space in your home or yard that you love–and my challenge is just to share it for what it is–even if it’s not perfect.

  • To enter, you may email your photo or a blog post link to foolishforlight@gmail.com.
  • A randomly selected participant will be announced the fourth week of October and will receive a $40 giftcard to the home improvement or craft store of your choice!
  • Please make your submission by Wednesday, October 17th with the understanding that your photo and/or link will most likely be shared on FoolishForLight.com.  If you don’t want your photo shared on a future Foolish for Light post, please do not enter.  Won’t you feel so famous to have your name in lights online?!  (Only your first name will be published.)
  • All past giveaway winners, my family, friends, strangers, enemies, acquaintances, and everyone else are welcome to enter.  I will be using random.org to generate the lucky duck winner.

I can’t wait to see your pictures.  Thanks for reading.  And sharing.

♥  stacy



Welcome to part 2 of the {Foolish for Light} Home Tour.  I feel like I’m kind of really hosting you….. and I kind of really love that.

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If you missed last week’s installment of the bedroom tour, you better get caught up and readthe bedroom tour post or watch the virtual tour.

Imagine:  it’s a cool fall day and I’ve invited you over for coffee.  Your favorite scarf wrapped loosely at your neck, you knock and hear me say “Come on in!”

First, a charming little addition to a not-so-charming door.

Is your door >>naked?<<

Go here:  (DIY wreath alternative how-to)

Swing that door open and….

The yellow “hello” canvas (which you can actually read in real life) started as a blank artist canvas from Goodwill for $2.99.  Originally $25.

You never ever know what you’ll find at a thrift store!  A coat of yellow paint and some inexpensive stencils from Ace Hardware of all places and I’m in love.

You can even grab it off the wall and pose with it if you’re cool like my sister.

Alright, so entering the apartment and turning left, you see yourself in these big fun mirrors.

I’m not even going to comment on what I might be doing in the picture above.

Those mirrored doors open up to a nice big closet with shelves!  Hallelujah for closets and shelves.

Did you catch the perfectly painted wall stripes tutorial?

I swear they’re not hard to do and they add such a fun (but not too crazy) modern flare.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about our shoes being on display so publicly, but it frees closet space, makes it easier to get out the door, and reminds me I own killer rain boots (thanks, Mom!):

Now you could go into the bedroom, towards the left, but you’ve already seen that, so you turn right.


This light switch protector is NOT the original one that came in this bland, off-white, life-sucking apartment.  ;)  The original cover was that creme manilla color you see every switch cover in every apartment everywhere.

I found several switch covers for 99 cents at Goodwill and a coat of gray spray paint was a super easy fix for them.  Goodwill didn’t have enough of the right sizes to cover all the switches, so this particular silver one was purchased at Home Depot for 3.99.  To me the price was right considering this switch is in such a visible location.  True, this is just a rented apartment, but when we move out, the nice switch covers are coming with!

A trend I see in my decorating?  Start with a thrift store find and then finish the project with retail store purchases if necessary.

Come on in to the living room, friend.

Guess what?  I made those curtains and did not sew a single stitch!  I owe it all to Stitch Witchery and I promise to share a tutorial soon.

If you enter the living room and turn left…..

you’ll see our wall art above the couch.


A natural sprig of something from outdoors adds an unexpected organic touch.  My berry twig is displayed in a small yellow vase I picked up from a dollar store years ago.

And did you notice those snails on the shelf?

I am a huge fan of the juxtaposition of pairing something classic with something silly.  I think it makes for such surprise and visual interest.

Does your classic look need to remember that play is ok?  Get a little silly.  You might like it.

The framed piece by the snails was a wedding gift from my husband’s cousin.  (She actually pounded the metal to make the frame!)  Inside is a drawing of my husband’s grandparents’ ranch home which is full of history and legacy.  The snails are a fun punch of color but also remind me of playing “Snail Race” with my sister as a child.

So let me ask:  What do you already own that inspires you?  Is there anything you just haven’t been able to make yourself throw away?

The picture below shows a framed piece of scrapbook paper that was used to make leaves for my wedding invitation embellishments.  It was supposed to be trash, but I just couldn’t throw it away two years ago and I’m glad I didn’t.  I love it on the wall!

This Decemberists poster is something my husband has hung onto for several years–he went to the concert in college and we both think the poster art is way too fun.


Want custom framing on a budget?  Here’s what I found:

  • When I looked into custom framing for this poster at Michael’s, the estimate was close to $200 ON SALE for what I considered to be a pretty basic frame and matte!  Budget friendly alternative?  Find a frame in the frame aisle of the store that’s slightly larger than your image and ask the custom framing department for assistance picking out and cutting a matte.  Labor plus the frame and matte came to $30 this route.  Now that I can swallow.
  • Don’t forget most craft stores consistently have pretty decent coupons on their websites.  40% off a large picture frame can make for a lot of savings.
  • Also–keep a list of the frame sizes you need on a slip of paper in your purse or wallet and keep an eye out at Goodwill for cheap frames of the correct size.  Thrift stores will typically have a tape measure you can borrow–just ask!

Below you’ll see a shadow box I’ve hung on the wall.  I love this medal my husband won at a “5k Spring Gallup” last year.  The medal was hand-made at the pottery barn on the farm where the race was held–how neat is that?  The cherry image is simply clipped from a catalog and pinned into the box.

Care to step outside for a moment?

We have a humble little patio that I’ve tried to make the most of.  Here, let me refill your coffee.

I’ve found that September is a great month to snag clearance garden pots and supplies.

The tree art is from the dollar store in Clare, Michigan :) and is tied with rope to the porch rail.  The watering can is a Goodwill find.  The sweet little wicker chair that holds our basil plant was a gift.

And thank you husband for having a bike luggage rack.

Let’s head back in, shall we?  I want to show you a few other highlights.

The sweet bamboo mirror below is a Goodwill find.  It weighs about 60 lbs so I’m going to wait to hang it in our future house instead of messing with hanging it now.  The wreath moonlights as Jesus’ crown of thorns during vacation Bible school.  haha.

I adore our bookshelf, which came from Hobby Lobby and was around $75 on sale.  Not bad, right?

My sister has inspired me to stack and organize our bookshelf in non-traditional, non-boring ways.  I personally love the inclusion of glassware that we already owned.  Feels grown up and fancy.

Ben’s parents gifted me Ben’s childhood copy of Wind in the Willows–one of the most thoughtful gifts imaginable considering I was in the play this summer.  Love.

And, on top of our bookshelf I display our small but growing vintage board game collection from Target.

Are you thoroughly turned around now?  Here’s a look back at where we came from.

Enjoy a strong cup of something warm for real now, come visit me for real whenever you want, and I’ll see you next time, either online or for real!

Sometimes I worry my Facebook followers will miss a post if Facebook decides not to show my post in your feed.  I’d truly be honored to have you as an email subscriber.  Then I won’t have to worry about you.  :)


♥  stacy


Who doesn’t like to peek in other people’s houses?

Before I swing this bedroom door open, let me just say….

starting the bedroom tour

I have often wished away my creativity.  I’m not proud of it, but there are times I’ve genuinely thought, “Why can’t I just want to be a doctor?  The future would be so planned out for me!  Instead, I have too many ideas to write down and want to work in one of the hardest industries to break into… that doesn’t pay enough to live off of.  Awesome.

It’s easy to look at other people’s gifts, talent, and stuff, and then idolize it.

Many years ago I learned a nugget of truth that’ll be with me forever.  Comparison is the thief of joy.  Man is that true.

Every moment we spend wishing for things to be different is a moment we could be rejoicing over what God has done for us or is doing in us.  Every moment we spend cutting down our strengths and wishing for someone elses’ is a happy-dance moment for Satan who has succeeded in distracting us from the truth:

You were made as God intended you to be.  Yes, you are sinful, but there is grace to sufficiently cover every sin.  You were created in the image of God, to be alive right now, to do good works like only you–with your spirit, personality, and gifts–can do them.

When I realize God loves me as I am–like really, passionately cares for the things I care for–I realize I can live free if I choose to.  Christ died for freedom!  I am loved by the omnipotent God who knows my needs before I ask; do I really have much to worry about?

You can be free from the chains of comparing your home decor to others’.  Your children’s maturity to others’.  Your financial picture to others’.  Your marital relationship to others’.

If you use the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, ect. to look at glimpses into other people’s lives and destructively compare yourself to what they have, then this is me calling you out on it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it too.  That’s why I know it’s a problem.  :)

Part of me doesn’t want to show you my home because I look at other people’s amazing design skills online and think “I’ve got NOTHING on them.”  But there I go comparing myself to “them”…which is really lame and unhelpful.

So here I am showing you my humble apartment even though some of the pictures make me cringe because there are little things I want to add and change.  But you know what?  I’m choosing to rejoice in the great apartment we have and my God-given ability to create!  I’m rejoicing that with a little creativity, we can follow God’s example of redemption and make old things look like new things! I come to you as the real me with our real home, hoping you’ll ditch the alluring voice of comparison and maybe pick up a few ideas on the way.

Home Tour: week 1:  the bedroom

I’m not sure why, but we’re starting the tour with our bedroom.  Here she is, ladies and gents, as you enter from the hallway.

Curtains can make or break a room.  Check out the detailing on the top of ours:

Our beddy-bye.  I just don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this quilted blanket.

When you enter the room and turn right, this is what you see along the right wall:  an inviting place to make stationary and do taxes!

There are three appropriate, non-cluttering places to toss paper.  My husband has an “inbox” on top of the printer (pictured under the cork board), we have labeled folders in a file holder on the desk……

….and my scrapbook/stationary paper finds a happy home hanging in this gray file holder which came with holes in the back for mounting on the wall.  I heart paper, but if I don’t keep it organized, it gives me a headache to the point of not wanting to make stuff.  And then I cry.

So, here is the wall opposite the bed in the area above and to the right of the desk:

If you were to walk into the room and head left, you’d see the craft shelf along the left wall.  Well, it mostly holds crafts.  At the bottom are old video game guides that Ben never uses….BUT….he lets me have a whole craft shelf in our bedroom so I smile and don’t ask why we need those.  :)

To the right and left of the craft zone are the his and her closets.  They’re big and we love them!  What I don’t love are these thumbs down super-cheap brass knobs.

Thank you, Lord, for Hobby Lobby!  Hobby Lobby is owned and managed by a Christian family, and I love to support them when I can.  Originally $3.99 each and on sale for $1.99, I picked up four of these yellow cuties for about $8 total…..

Knobs are VERY easy to install.  It’s an inexpensive upgrade, yet makes a big difference to the overall feel of the space.

Feel like you couldn’t visualize how the room fits together?  {Watch the virtual tour!}  That’s right, I put a video on YouTube for ya.

Speaking of simple upgrades to spruce up a place, consider experimenting with how you make your bed.  Or if you’re a beginner, just start making the bed.  :)  Anything is better than nothing!

Have you ever wondered how hotels and hospitals get those crisp looking corners?  Watch and be amazed….

How to make “Hospital Corners”

1.  Put on the fitted sheet and drape the non-fitted evenly on the bed.

2.  Tuck the bottom end of the sheets under the bed.  It’s so much easier with the help of another person.  One lifts the mattress, the other tucks the bed sheet.

3.  Pull the corner fabric towards the head of the bed and downwards, like pictured below.  Tuck fabric (where my hand is) an inch or two under the mattress.
4.  You’ll be left with a little flap of fabric up top.  Lift it up like so:
5.  And drape it down, like so:

You don’t have to limit yourself to sheets, either.  You can use hospital corners to give a nice polished look to comforters and blankets.

As I was preparing for this tour, I realized my sheets were extremely wrinkled and not exactly photo-worthy.

Here’s a little trick:  Downy Wrinkle Release works VERY well on cotton, and quite well on other materials, too.  In the picture below, the section of sheets behind the bottle were treated with the spray.  You can see quite the difference from the non-treated area on the left.

Just as the bottle indicates, spray your material and then smooth the fabric with your hands.  I suggest giving deep creases an extra squirt or two.

After Downy-ing-up the visible sheets….I’ve gotta admit….they look pretty good.  I wouldn’t want to make this a normal routine, that would be silly, but if you’re having company over, why not pretty things up?

Remember before?

Relish in the after!

And while you’re at it, if you see loose threads, give them a trim.  You’d hate to put in all this work and then have someone get distracted by a darn loose string.  Towel strings need trimming when you notice them, too.


Thank you for swinging by our pad! 

Psssst….did you catch the video? of the bedroom tour?

{the living room tour is here.  the kitchen tour is here.}

♥  stacy



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