{1} Minute Snippets are helpful ideas that take 1 minute to read and 1 minute to implement

It was a sad moment:  my candle had breathed its last breath.

Today’s one minute snippet is a cure for the end-of-it’s rope candle.

By leaving a candle (the kind that comes in a glass jar of some sort) in the freezer for about an hour, the old, used-up candle wax will fall right out.  It’s pretty fun and couldn’t be easier.

With my candle, I threw out the wax and ran the glass through the dishwasher.  Now I have a sparkling, clear, ready to be recycled glass jar.  Add another votive in there and it’ll be up and running again, or I just might get creative and find a new use for it.  Pencil cup, anyone?


One Response to {1} Minute Snippet: old candle jars get a second chance at life

  • Ashley says:

    This is great! I have a few old candle jars that I just haven’t had the heart to throw away. Thanks for the tip :)

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