I’m a little actress, short and stout. Here is a silly picture, here is my spout.

{I’m actually not short at all. Try 5′ 10″}

{I also don’t have a spout, sorry I lied…I just have this song in my head.}


If you’ve come out to see Wind in the Willows somewhere in Chicagoland, thank you so much! I am thrilled to connect with you!
If you’re planning to come see the show, please say hello afterwards. Let’s take some pictures, shall we? If you give me permission, I’d love to post ’em here on the site.

I am generally drawn to behind-the-scenes footage on just about anything.  If there’s a “making of the movie” selection on a dvd, I watch it.  It’s incredible how much unseen work goes into making a production happen.  Plays, films, television shows, even dance recitals….they remind me of what can be accomplished by the work of many–so much more than could ever be done by one.  Collaboration.  Community.  You can’t convince me we weren’t designed to be a part of them.

And with that, I share with you a little behind the scenes peek at a Wind in the Willows rehearsal…. plus a few things I am undeniably oh-so-grateful for.


Behind the Scenes: Wind in the Willows Fight Scene Rehearsal

The picture below is one of our first rehearsals with props and costumes.  Clearly not everything was ready at this point, but here you see Chris, Mike, and Sally trying out some new toys.  Building a character becomes easier and starts to feel more real when hats, wigs, and masks start showing up at rehearsals.

As you can imagine, fight scene rehearsals are pretty stinking fun. This was my first fight scene ever, so I enjoyed it extra much.

*Willows trivia question:  Which actor choreographed the final fight scene?  The one who plays little Portly bunny, Mr. Badger, or the Chief Weasel?  Keep reading for the answer.*

Even when you’re fighting with plastic weapons, you’ve gotta be careful. I’ve learned that eye contact is important–you don’t want to catch your fellow actor off-guard. Of course the idea is to have the actors make it look like they were surprised by the blow.

I love these pictures of Julia and Mike. Something went a bit wrong as they rehearsed their moves….but nobody was hurt, and they shared a tender moment exchanging apologies. :)

Who will win the fight? The good guys or the bad guys? Isn’t the suspense just killing you?!

Be sure to also take note of what a glamorous rehearsal space we’re in.  An old pile of mattresses.  A floor that has maybe never been washed?  Heat–oh Lord, heat.

I love it.

*Trivia answer:  The actor who played the Chief Weasel, Mike, choreographed the final fight scene.*

Please leave a comment and let me know something you or your kids loved about the show. 

We love bringing the story to life for you.  :)

5 Things I just have to tell you I’m grateful for:

  • ben being a quarter of the audience the day the show opened.  don’t worry, numbers have been up since then.  :)
  • a surprise visit from my mom and sister an hour before the show started a few weekends ago!  can anyone picture me screaming?
  • my new cast friends.  i really like them.
  • friends who have come from near and far to see the play, including college friends and some amigos from my days at summer camp….ah….summer camp….
  • my father-in-law and niece are flying in from the east coast to see the play this weekend.  wow.  isn’t that sweet?  3/4 of the kids in our wedding will be in the audience Saturday.  how’d i get so blessed?


4 Responses to behind the scenes

  • Autumn says:

    I love that Norah gets to come see you. How fun! I wish that Lilia, Tessa, and I could come and make up the last quarter you need to make a full kid wedding party. Can’t wait till we get to see you someday. I know that family nativity scenes make up only a small part of your talent!

    • Stacy says:

      lol :) I wish you all could come too, but I trust that maybe one day it can happen. When I make it really big time. ;) ;)

  • Ashley says:

    My fav part(s):

    You in the car scenes…hilarious!
    The part where you say: it’s a lovely day, that’s why
    The part where you bring out the stuffed people…I’m pretty sure the look on my face was priceless.
    and all the parts where you guys dance.

    Overall, great performance! So proud of you!!!!

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