Awkward announcement #1:  

Email all your friends a ridiculously silly picture of you discovering one of the unintended perks of your new hard-core vitamins.

magic nails
Awkward announcement #2:  

Use Facebook to lead everyone to believe you’re MUCH further along than you really are.

huge fake tummy

Awkward announcement #3:  

Ask a sincere question and then get sassy out of nowhere.

pregnant lady fat

Awkward announcement #4:  

Simply link to this hilarious YouTube video entitled “Pregnant and I Know It.”  The best parady of “Sexy and I Know It” ever?  Yes.

Awkward announcement #5:  

Send your friends and family practice family photo collages with captions like “Our dream is about to come true” and “Counting down the days until our baby will be playing with this stuffed penguin and we won’t be.”

Penguin Preggars collage

Awkward announcement #6:

Use your blog to explore awkward online birth announcements in which you close by saying…..

I’m pregnant!  :)

Ben and I are expecting a cherub, stuffed penguin, or whatever pops out around September 1st.  There probably couldn’t be two more excited people ever.

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