There is no doubt about it–I love to decorate.

Anyone remember when I hosted the favorite spaces contest?  I loved peeking in on some of your most inspiring nooks and crannies.

I have recently moved from a one bedroom apartment to a 4 bedroom home!  (Well, 3 bedrooms and an office).  And guess what that means for my babykins?  Her own bedroom!  And guess what that means for me?  Decorating!


Planning and dreaming and Pinteresting little Daphne’s new room has been a journey–a mini spiritual journey.

 If she is anything like her mother, beauty will matter to her.  

If she is anything like her mother, the way colors and textures complement each other to create atmosphere might be a way she sees God in the world.  

If she is anything like her mother, a vibe will hold the potential for creation, and creation will feel important because it is.

Of course she may grow to be just like her father.  In that case, we’ll scrap all this and tape multiplication tables all over the walls. (Love you, Benny!  Aren’t I super funny?)

It’s kind of odd designing a room for a child whose taste you haven’t yet discovered.  So in my mind, decorating her room became a call to share with her some inspiration of things I hope for her.  The journey launched when I really started thinking about what it is I want to say to my daughter.  What do I want her to know?  In five years she might want a Cinderella theme or a puppy dog theme or a Winnie the Pooh theme but right now I get to pick the style of room she falls asleep in every night and drags toys around in during the day…..

I Pinterested as I thought about it.

Check out this charming, beautifully organized space….

blog nursery1


I became infatuated with the idea of a teepee or tent and the play that could happen there….

blog nursery3


My love for vintage was confirmed…..

blog nursery2


I realized simple is wonderful….

blog nursery4{via Sharp Tooth Studio}

And I just plain smiled when I saw this….

blog nursery5{via Billy & Scarlet}

My time of reflecting and pondering Daphne’s room kept coming back to one word.


Not necessarily with periods between each letter but I felt like that added pizazz to the reveal.

Since Daphne was first born, I’ve found myself mentioning adventure to her quite a bit.  Often when we leave the house I’ll ask, “Do you want to go on an adventure?”  And let me tell you what–she always wants to!  That girl loves to get out and about.

I hope for my daughter the ability to see life as a playground.  I hope she comes to know Christ died for freedom.  That she embraces the attitude of an adventurous spirit.  It takes an active sort of bravery to see the good and assume the best in people, but I hope Daphne finds it to be a most rewarding way to live.

Being pregnant with D and bringing her into the world–adventure.

Life with a baby, a new house, and balancing work, rest, and play–adventure.

Walking with God….all the places he’s led me…..Hope College, Africa, the world of Chicago theatre, becoming a wife–ultra adventure.

I’m not adventurous in the ways of extreme camping or risky stunts, but I think adventure is an attitude.  To me, adventure means there is good to be done out there if you dare to go for it.  It means that yes, there will be trying times of uncertainty but those challenges are not without purpose or hope.  Sometimes adventure is dreaming big and working hard, other times it’s showing grace and playing hard.  And….other times….it’s accepting that life isn’t what you thought it’d be….and saying well…that’s ok…’s an adventure!

So, I’m looking around for adventure-y ideas….

blog nursery6


blog nursery7


blog nursery8

{via ChildrenInspire}

And I can’t wait to reveal the before and afters of her room very soon!  

Thank you, as always for reading.

Keep it foolish!

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