It has been oh-so-very long since I’ve blogged, so I first want to say–thank you for reading this post!  I am so encouraged by the friends and readers who have stuck with me on Foolish for Light.  You da best.

We are in our first week of January and the internet is filled with all that looking-back nostalgia of another year past, plus the looking-ahead hopefulness of resolutions and dreams.

I thought a reflective peek at my 2017 would be a fun way of getting back into the swing of things and reconnecting with my lovely readers.

4 Powerful Moments From My 2017


1.  Leaving my job

We all know in a very cerebral way that humans have limits.  No one can do it all—that’s just not the way things work.  It is a bit humbling, however, to see your limits play out in your own life and realize things at your current pace are not sustainable. 

Here, my 4 year old and her genius photography skills captures how this can feel.  I’ve never felt more attractive than this:

It’s ok.  I take bad pictures of her giving up at life, too.

Stepping down from my job in children’s ministry stinks because I’d like to keep doing it, but the answer has been so clear, and I feel nothing but peace about it.  It’s weird to leave a job you’ve loved but feel amazingly freed at the same time.  Maybe it’s a sign I was in the right place and am moving into the next right place, too.

I stepped down from my position on staff at my church to be more intentional about the time I have at home with my children, especially before they enter school. 

(Please someone tell me they will NEVER GO TO SCHOOL!  Unless I’m tired and they’re behaving badly.  Then please tell me school is coming very soon.)

Since I honestly don’t know how to be anything but a super hands on parent, I feel like I’m being true to myself in this decision and honoring how God made me.  You better believe I thank my lucky stars that this choice is financially possible and that my husband supports me 100%.  I’m so happy!


2.  Falling for Hills and Valleys

Sometimes I think about what I would express if I only had a brief opportunity to explain to someone who I most am at my core.  I feel like the song Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells could almost do that.  He says in an interview that the song goes beyond saying “God is with us in the valleys and mountain tops of life”  and explores what our posture is when we’re in those places. 


What a beautiful picture to think of ourselves looking up when we’re low in the valley, and bowing down when we’re high on the mountain.  What a friend we have in Jesus who walks beside us through it all!

Seriously, if you haven’t heard this song, it is excellent in every way.  LISTEN TO IT.  :)

It turns out Tauren is on tour with Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey!  If you’re hungry for more, listen to Tauren share the story behind this song here.  I also think you’ll find this interview with him to be charming and sweet.  This guy is legit and I love it.


3.  Grappling with beauty

This past year, I have noticed a change in my face.  I feel vulnerable talking about this, but I’m going to anyways.  Basically, I am getting wrinkles.  Why is that so hard to say?

Here, another profound image captured by the 4 year old.  How did she know I wasn’t in the mood to have my wrinkles documented?  ;)


There’s of course the annoying ever-present pressure from our society to maintain youthfulness and enhance our physical selves.  This is such a distraction from the things God cares about, and to be honest, it’s been hard to watch myself struggle with this more than usual lately; I sense the tension between my worldly brain that sees people respond to and enjoy youthful appearances, and my heaven-bound heart which believes there is a beauty far superior to skin and flesh.  I think it’ll be a life-long struggle to desire this inward, God-honoring beauty more than an outward beauty, and in a weird way I’m excited to take on this challenge to my priorities as I age.

But don’t you wish you were always this happy looking in the mirror?

Immersing myself in the Truth of God’s Word seems to be the only thing that can actually change all of me–brain, heart, and soul.  His Word is powerful and I need constant reminders of what matters (prone to wander, Lord I feel it).  How are you actively seeking God in His Word these days?  We desperately need it because we are so prone to getting derailed, myself very much included.

Something that did my heart good this year was to focus on transparency and celebrating.  I invited several friends out to celebrate my 32nd birthday, fully aware that 32 is not exactly a milestone.  I have amazing friends and family and I just wanted to celebrate!

In my email invite, I was upfront about my age which was a decision inspired by friends who did the same thing recently.  (Hi, Callie and David).  I decided I will not be a person who hides how old I am and I think celebrating is a great remedy for the silly desire to hide that we, like every other person in the universe, are getting older.

The other beautiful thing about getting older is we become more aware that we won’t live forever.  We always know this, but the reality becomes harder to ignore when you see your body starting to look different than it has before.  This has prompted me to explore more of what I really want to do with my limited days on Earth, and it’s exciting to get a move on!



4.  Hearing my daughter worship

I actually, for once, don’t have a lot to say about this.  I’m going to leave it sweet and simple.

My 4 year old can occasionally be heard around the house singing “What a beautiful name it is, the name of Jesus Christ our king.”  She only knows this song because I sometimes sing it while doing housework.  The first time I heard her sing it was a powerful moment.  Yes, she has a lot to learn about Jesus, and yes, she’s singing it because I sing it, but she sings it with all her heart, and it is the loveliest thing I’ve ever (ever) heard.

Going into 2018, I beg God to help my children understand why the name of Jesus is so beautiful.  I hope to be obedient myself so my kids see something genuine in me that’s worth emulating.  Isn’t this what it’s all about?!  I know, I know, it’s foolish to some.  To those in the light, we have every reason to look forward to a brand spanking new year.


Thinking of you today, my friends, with gratitude,


6 Responses to 4 Powerful Moments From My 2017

  • Lowell Thomas says:

    Stacy, you are such a great Momma. We are so proud of you.

    Grandpa and Grandna ❣️

  • Christina says:

    So happy to read another blog post from you! Lots of truth and being real in your post and I’m thankful for people like you. You will not regret spending as much time as you possible can with your girls. I’m sitting here while Grace is in a musical theatre college audition. Not looking forward to sending her out into the real world soon but I am so thankful i was able to leave my job to stay home so many years ago. Thank you sweet Ginny for your honest post about your life.

  • Dave says:

    Love your post!!!

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