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As you may know, {1} Minute Snippets are nifty tricks that take one minute to read and about one minute to implement. 

Big things can come in small packages, and today’s snippet is living proof.

Did you know if you put your iPhone or iPod in a small bowl, the sound will be amplified?

You must drop everything and try it now if you own such a device;  I do believe your ears will be quite happy to discover the volume at which you’ll be enjoying your music, podcast, or whatever you typically listen to.

Tiny lil bowl, big ol’ sound.

Kinda reminds a person that a small thing can generate great change.  Perhaps the metaphor is a stretch, but this snippet really does inspire me.  I feel like I’m a tiny Apple iPod with limited speakers but able to make great sound through the simple, powerful love of another.  Ahem, yes, I go a little googley eyed for metaphors–sorry–but I did give you fair warning over here on my about page where my love for metaphors is clearly noted on the top of my random fact list!

{P.S.  I’ve added four new randoms about me at the end of the bulleted list on my about page if you care to stalk me just a little.}  :)

Happy listening, ya’ll!


2 Responses to {1} Minute Snippet: tiny trick, big effect

  • Eric Lillestrand says:

    FYI, tried it as soon as I read the post. The commotion attracted my brother which resulted in the experimentation of several different bowl shapes, sizes and depths. Four in all, each equally exquisite. Fun and useful tip!

  • Ashley Trompeter says:

    Tried it and love it!

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