It has been quite some time since I featured a

{1) Minute Snippet

and I’m excited to bring it back!

Caution:  you might judge me for this post.

You’ll either think me terribly savvy or terribly lacking in hygiene.  I’ll leave that judgement call up to you–

What is it?

all I’m going to say is I have the thrifty cure for slightly greasy hair that needs a little love when time or circumstances don’t allow for a wash.

Isn’t the suspense killer?

It's baby powder
It’s baby powder!

How to de-grease yo-self

Pat a little baby powder into your hands and remove any excess if you poured too much.  You want to start with just  a little bit until you begin to get the feel for how much is needed.

Pat your hand on your head near your hair’s roots.  On dark hair, you will see the powder at first, but don’t worry.  As long as you didn’t go hog wild, it’ll be invisible in no time as you continue to work it in with your fingers.

Add as much as you need wherever greasy hair is visible.  You can’t go wrong as long as you don’t use too much powder.

Say goodbye

I promise, I really do take showers!  

Just think:  baby powder will last longer and cost less than dry shampoo while achieving the same affect in the same way.  Both utilize a starch to soak up or dry moisture and grease.

Ideas to try:

–  I most often use this trick before I go to the gym.  I’m a little bit vein and don’t like to look like I had a sweaty work-out before I even had a sweaty work out.  {But let’s be honest….it’s been awhile since my workouts have been all that sweaty}
–  Yes, your head will smell a little like baby powder.  If this bothers you, try Johnson’s Lavender and Chamomile for an alternative {and lovely} scent.
–  Throw a travel size bottle in your car or cosmetic bag.
–  You can find baby powder, especially off-brand varieties, at almost any dollar store.
–  Never buy dry shampoo again!

Have you done it?  Would you be willing to try it?

4 Responses to {1} Minute Snippet: the grease buster

  • Anonymous says:

    Haha…I still bet your workouts are a lot sweatier than mine ;)

    The definition of “sweaty” sure changes with age.

  • Angela says:

    Well well well. Glad to see I’m not the only one still using the ol’ camp trick. But sometimes if it’s really bad, I spend so much time trying to not look greasy, and then realize it wouldn’t have been much more of an effort to take a shower. But really, I’m glad you are sharing one of the best kept secrets of womanhood.

  • Grandpa and Grandma says:

    I’ve tried all these things too, but the bald spot just won’t go away. Grpa

  • Autumn says:

    Ha, Ha. I have totally done this but I use cornstarch instead of baby powder. My hairdresser first gave me the idea so it can’t be unhygienic, right?

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